Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Getting Holy for Holy Week...

So, not exactly...

But, sort of.

This week is traditionally labelled Holy Week in the Christian world. It is the week that coincides with the final week of Jesus' life including His death, and culminating in His resurrection.

My holy week too often consists of buying 20 pounds of jelly beans to fill almost 300 eggs. Hosting a huge Easter Egg Hunt in my yard/house. Cooking, cooking, cooking. Sewing new dresses for the girls. Spiffing everything up.

It is crazy. Busy. Not very reflective.

But, what is the purpose of the holidays if not to pause? To reflect? To remember? To give thanks? To be changed?

Easter, Good Friday-they represent the most important event in the history of the world. The.most.important. Bar none.

What you believe about these events and their impact on you, is literally the difference between life and death.

It's not the Cadbury Eggs, the jelly-bellies, the potato salad or the lamb.

It is the Lamb of God. The Lamb who died to take away the sins of the world.

It's not the Easter Egg hunts or the baskets full of goodies.

It is the death and burial of the innocent God-man. The Savior.

It is not the family gatherings or the well set tables.

It is Christ risen! He is risen indeed!

As you are in the midst of Holy Week, this year, 2014, consider...

Consider reading...the Four Gospels' accounts of Holy Week. Matthew, Mark, Luke, John. Read one, or read them all. Each has a unique perspective. As you read the words, let them sink down into your soul.

Consider listening to...Handel's Messiah. This is good listening for both Christmas time and Easter.

Consider attending...a sunrise service. Honest confession...this is something I have never done, but that I have always wanted to do. This year?

Consider teaching...the resurrection eggs. This is a great visual aid for teaching the Easter story to children. They love seeing what is in each egg. You can purchase a set, but it is also really easy to make your own.

All you need is an empty egg carton, 12 plastic eggs, and these items that you can probably find around your house. You can tell the story, or read these verses. (or have the verses printed on small strips of paper that are rolled up in the egg with the object-and have the kids read them) Either way, it reminds the kids what Easter really is about.

Egg #1 Oyster cracker (or bread) Matthew 26:26
Egg #2 Silver coins Matthew 26:14-16
Egg #3 Purple cloth Matthew 27:28
Egg #4 Thorns Matthew 27:29
Egg #5 Rope Mark 15:15
Egg #6 Cross John 19:16-17
Egg #7 Nail John 19:18
Egg #8 Sign that says, “This is the king of the Jews.” Luke 23:38
Egg #9 Sponge (with vinegar) Matthew 27:48
Egg #10 Cloves or spices Luke 24:1
Egg #11 Rock Matthew 27:59-60
Egg #12 EMPTY! Matthew 28:5-6

This week, I pray that you will consider. Consider Him-Savior. Lamb. Shepherd. Redeemer. Risen. Glorified. Lord. Quiet. Innocent. Majestic. Sacrifice.