Saturday, January 25, 2014

Day 25: Random Act of Kindness

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It is Saturday, and I can't believe I have reached the 25th day in this series! Wow! Being it is January 25th, it also means it is the BFF's birthday.

Happy birthday, best BFF in the whole world! 

I met my bff years ago-when we were both 12. Her dad had heart surgery or a stroke or some major medical condition and I heard about it through church. I didn't know this girl from Adam, but I suspected it might be pretty unsettling to be 12 and have your dad experience something like that. (whatever that was...)

So, I wrote that girl a letter to say I was praying for her. And the rest is history...

We became pen pals, though we lived in the same zip code. We wrote letters back and forth, and ended up meeting in person at her 13th birthday party.

Over 20 years later, we are still friends. Who (once again) live in the same zip code. And who have dinner together every other Tuesday-kids and all. We talk school, business, books, fashion and much-much more.

She is truly my best friend. Because of a random act of kindness.

Today I am challenging you to perform a random act of kindness. It can be for an absolute stranger or for someone you know well.

Not calculated by you. Not expected by them. Think outside yourself (T-O-Y) and your often busy and harried life, and bless someone else.

It can be big or small....

Paying for someone's groceries or drink/meal in the drive through.

Shoveling someone's walk. Brushing the snow off a stranger's car.

Giving an extra generous tip at a restaurant.

Doing someone else's chore for them.

Writing a note to a missionary or a shut-in or...a girl who might become your BFF... 

In what ways have you been unexpectedly blessed? Pay it forward to someone else today!