Thursday, January 23, 2014

Day 23: Let Your Lights Shine

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I am rather a frugal gal. I mean, I have my excesses like anyone else, but I am a penny pincher. Certain wastes in our household make my skin crawl. Like water running-running down the drain. It's money flowing away, gallon by gallon. My kids don't seem to have this same concern.

Or how about lights and lightbulbs? The watts and the cost of illuminating in pennies per hour? Whoa!

My family goes through the house, turns each and every light on, and subsequently leaves the lighted room. Me, the cost-conscious one of the family, goes through the house, turning off the lights.


Did I mention that I live in a State that averages about 160 days of sunshine per year? Yeah, that makes for 205 days per year that are not sunshiny. Gloomy. Cloudy. Overcast. Rainy. Gray.

Rather depressing, actually.

I have found that my moods and motivation correspondingly rise and fall with the amount of sunshine or gloom that we have. Gloomy day=no motivation. I want to burrow in my bed and not come out. Sunshiny day=look out world! (in a good way) I whiz through my to-do list like no one's business.

One of my friends visited me one gloomy day, and knowing my propensity for weather influenced mood swings told me to turn the lights on girl!

Even the artificial light made the gray winter day seem brighter.

So, I have sworn of penny pinching when it comes to lights. I turn on the lights, and enjoy the brightness. 

I burn candles for coziness and light. I open the blinds. I turn on every light in the room I'm in.

I let my lights shine.

I choose to save fewer pennies in order to save my sanity and brighten my days.

God is light and in Him is no darkness at all. (1 John 1:5)

Today, why don't you shine some light on your subject too!