Monday, January 20, 2014

Day 20: You Made Your Bed

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If I was at all poetic, I write an ode to my bed. But I'm not, so here are my musings in prose form...

-Some days it seems like NOTHING is getting accomplished and yet the to-do list is miles long. On those days I try to take a big breath and remember step by step. Step by step is how a mountain is climbed, how a race is run, and how life is lived.

The first step to most of my days is to make the bed. The daily ritual of bed making-smoothing the sheets, pulling everything taut, plumping pillows-takes 2-3 minutes, and it a very simple way to restore order to a mildly chaotic situation.

(which is it's own musing. I love seeing the blankets and sheets all messed up. It makes me smile-like flowers.)

There is something wonderful about a well made bed. Which is why hotels make them every day, even if you opt out of fresh sheets. It is luxurious!

-Pillows are a two-edged sword. Everyone knows piles of pillows are romantic. Which is why they figure prominently in all bedding and bedroom advertisements. We have 4 full-sized pillows, plus 5 toss pillows, on our bed. Which looks amazing, but produces a veritable mountain range down the center of the bed as we pile in each evening. Mountain-his/her sides= not very romantic. Just saying.

-A proper mattress makes a huge difference. We have a Tempur-Pedic. Expensive, but worth every penny.

-Beds need stripped and bedding needs washed once a week. Washing sheets regularly is necessary to kill bacteria and the stinky sheet smell. Clean sheets are good for your health.

Pick a day. My day is Friday. I always wash all the sheets but I only do the blanket and mattress pad every month or so.

Making the bed from scratch-layering on the sheets and blankets nice and tight-helps keep the bed looking nice for the rest of the week. Especially if you do hospital corners.

Which is the topic of my very.first.ever.YouTube.clip. This is my Hollywood debut folks. And you are here to see it. (snort)

Ignore the sounds of Meres clamoring to get in the room. This was filmed by my handy helper, LC. (who has her own budding iPhone videography profession.)

After watching that, I hope you are inspired to make your bed with hospital corners, to make your own YouTube video clip, and to not lock your emotional 2 year old out of your bedroom while trying to make your breakthrough film project.