Saturday, January 11, 2014

Day 11: The 2 Bag Purge

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I half joke that I go on a crazy woman organizing spree every year after Christmas. Our house is inundated with new toys and clothing, and something has to give or I will lose my mind. I organize closets, drawers, and rooms. It feels energizing and looks amazing. Uncluttered, organized, and clean lines after the abundance of Christmas decor.

Getting rid of the junk that is weighing us down and cluttering things up is a major way to live a full and happy life. Purging extra stuff in freeing. It frees up mental space and physical space. It frees up time that is spent in upkeep, cleaning and organizing. It is a great way to renew yourself in this new year.

Our specific goal today is to fill 2 black garbage bags today-one with stuff for the garbage, one with stuff for Goodwill.

Choices, choices...will you take your 2 bags from the entire house, or focus on one room/closet?
One room/closet is definitely going to be the easier chore. One room/closet is a bite sized task that can be accomplished in minutes or an hour, rather than an entire day.

Here's what you are looking for:

Trash bag: broken, scraps of garbage (I think I am the only one in my family that throws away little hunks of paper and used kleenex), unneeded paperwork-like junk mail, old flyers, etc, stained/torn clothing.

Goodwill bag: clothes that don't fit, clothes never worn, toys no longer played with, things you haven't used in over a year, magazines (black out your address), books.

scenes like this make me antsy...

I find it pretty easy to fill bags. Maybe because I am a purge-junkie. Some would say it gives me a kind of high. I have to be careful to not get rid of things I may actually need...

For more guidance on what to get rid of...

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How quickly are you going to be able to fill your 2 bags?