Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Gettin' To Know You

I love this space. I love writing. I love the word love. I love that people feel they know me based on the things I write. I don't love that blogging and social media can only present an imperfect and incomplete picture-more just a glimpse-of me and mine. But, it is what it is.

I do love this space. I love getting to know you. You all have become my friends. I love sharing my heart with you. And even sharing this imperfect glimpse of my life.
my offspring...BMV is almost as tall as me now

Some things you may not know about me from simply reading my posts...

-I laugh really loud. Which made me love Amanda...'cause she laughs loud too. So, we can laugh loud together. And we do.

-I talk to myself. Whenever I'm writing. Or when I just have something good to say that no one else is around to hear...

-I live within a half mile of where I lived the first 18 years of my life. You could say that I really love the area I live in.

-I enjoy making up my own versions of songs. My own parodies, if you will. Like...

"Are you washed, with your bar, with your bar of dial soap? Are you clean as a whistle, do you smell like an orange? Are you washed with your bar of dial soap?" (to the tune of Are You Washed in the Blood?)


(walking in a winter wonderland) "later on, we'll perspire, as we sit, by the fire..." Yeah, my kids don't even know the right words to that one. (sheepish...)

-I am probably the only blogger in the universe who is NOT a fan of Target. I shop there maybe once a year, and that is rounding up.

-I am really good at taking things apart-like the kitchen sink pipes or the dryer-but I may use lots of prayer and an occasional YouTube video to figure out how they go back together.

-I am sure my hair cutting place puts something in their squirt bottles...because my hair looks grayer with each visit. What's up with that?

-I never eat raw cookie dough. Ever. Not my thing.

-I love beautiful books. I dream of having a library full of leathern bound, gilt-edge books.

-I strung and re-strung my Christmas lights on my bannister 4 times and still couldn't make them stretch enough to cover the last 2 spindles. Which is why you won't see pics of my mad-decorating skillz. And which is weird because the same strand has been long enough for the past 5-6 years. Did it shrink over the summer?

-When I see the Pinterest posts on how-to's for perfectly wrapped presents, I laugh, and scroll right on by. Yes, they are gorgeous. No, I will never spend more time than absolutely necessary wrapping a gift that is going to get unwrapped in 2.2 seconds. Crazy! Oh, but I do love receiving nicely wrapped gifts.

-Insurance drives me nuts. As do insurance audits. And insurance auditors. I do really like our insurance agent, though. We pay so much money to insurance every year that we never have used for claims, and I have to work at not letting them steal my joy on top of my money.

-I like connecting dots. Not literal dots...historical dots. Currently I am hashing over surges in hymnology and history and revivals. There is a connection. I am trying to root it out.

-I am always baffled by consultants who do home parties and attempt to sell you on the merits of selling the product-the best product in the world, and then they quit. Because "it wasn't their thing." Baffled. Which is why I have a hard time believing the hype for each product line.

-I'm skeptical. A realist bordering on pessimist. I am also strong willed-which I like to think is a good thing.
spoon hanging skillz

-I can hang a spoon on the tip of my nose. Yes, I am that talented.=)

Tell me something about you that I don't know...