Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Tall People Problems

Which of you by being anxious can add one cubit to his stature? Matthew 6:27

The average height of the American female is 5'4". Which means at 5'9", I clock in at 5" above that.

like this...I am tall and every picture.=)

In my area of the country, there are lots of tall Dutch woman. Even though I am tall according to the national average, here in my neck of the woods, I am just plain average. There are lots of women taller. My sisters in law all measure in at over 6 foot.

They are loud and proud. And tall and proud. One of my favorite things about my sil is that they embrace being tall. They are not ashamed of it, and they figure they may as well go big as go broke. They each wear high heels that add to their height. It is awesome.

I have always been happy with my height. Height makes ladders redundant, gives me a longer running stride and carves me out a niche in the flattering back row of any pictures. Win-win-win.

But, sometimes, being tall is a bother.

How about those airplane seats?

Tall people problems include...

-Airplane overhead compartments. Whose head?

-The difficulty of finding long enough jeans and slacks. High waters anyone?

-The myth of one size fits all...if you want a crop top, 3/4 length sleeve, or mini skirt.

-Short beds, short blankets...cold feet.

-Handles of your children's stroller hits about halfway between your knees and your hips.

-Being asked on a regular tall are you? Followed by "that's tall!"

-Difficulty in finding the really cute shoes, because height is often accompanied by big feet. And why would people with big feet want cute shoes? Occasionally though you come across the cutest pair ever...
what's not to love...polka dots with red heels? Amazing!

I have always loved being tall. It has never been a matter of self consciousness for me.

All my kids are tall too. I think it is great. But, I am getting somewhat annoyed with people commenting on LC's height. They tell her she is really tall for her age and then compare her with other older kids they know. Nit-wits. They are giving her a complex that I have to fight.

I don't want her to worry about her height. I want her to own it. Worrying about her height will only lead to slouching, shame and nothing good. It won't stop her from growing. I don't want her to lord her height over others, but I do want her to embrace her height and to be content with how God made her.

Do you find it tricky to discuss these matters with your kids? It kind of takes on a new level, doesn't it. What other verses can you think of that fit this situation?

I will praise Thee, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Marvelous are Thy works, and that my soul knows right well. Psalm 139:14