Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Nice Night in June

Sometime way back in the late 80s my mom attended a Steve and Annie Chapman concert. And she brought home a cassette tape of a live concert recording. (I just dated myself with several key words in those two sentences) We listened to that tape over and over again.

It was humorous and their sound was mellow.

But more than anything else I remember bits and pieces of a poem Steve quoted.

I don't think of this poem all the time. Only on nights with a full moon. I think of it as I am laying in our Tempur Pedic bed with our room bathed in moon beams.

The phrase that goes through my mind is, "another night in June, stars shine, big moon. Ain't happy no more. Carry baby walk floor."

it's an October moon, but what choice do you have when you need a moon photo for a post?=)

That's random, isn't it. I bet you thought I was going to quote something terribly romantic.

Last night it was another full, or almost waxed, moon. Those lines went through my mind again, and I thought, "I should Google the rest of that poem." Lo and behold, many, many sites had the full poem. Now I can memorize it, and quote it to Mr. Hippie at random romantic and moonlit moments.

Nice night in June, 
Stars shine, big moon. 
In park, on bench, 
With gal, in clinch. 

Heart pound, head swirl.
Me say "me love,"
She coo like dove.
Me smart, me fast, 
Me never let chance pass. 
"Get hitched," me say. 
She say, "Okay." 
Wedding bells, ring, ring, 
Honeymoon, everything. 

Settled down, married life,
Happy man, happy wife.

Best time in life! 

'Nuther night in June, 

Stars shine, big moon. 
Ain't happy no more, 
Carry baby, walk floor.
Wife mad, she stew,

Me mad, stew too.
Nagging wife, bawling brat,
Life one big spat. 
Me realize at last, 
Me move too fast!
-Author Unknown

"carry babies walk floor..."
Utterly happy!

How's that for an intellectual ditty to get you through your Wednesday?


fyi, I also Googled Steve and Annie Chapman today, to see what had become of them. They are still together, and still singing, and still bringing the message of turning hearts toward home. Those facts blessed my heart and made my day.