Thursday, October 10, 2013

Embracing 2013 Fall Fashion Trends

I'm not a fashion blogger. I bet that wasn't as obvious as the nose on my face. I rarely get into fashion trends, and even more rarely post pictures of what I am wearing.
My everyday uniform-jeans and a t-shirt, with a Meres' photo bomb...
Those white dots are sunshine...
For fun, today I googled Fall 2013 Fashion Trends. This is my uneducated and totally not style conscious opinion, but it seems like a little bit of everything and a lot bit of weird, is in this year. In the hues of oxblood or emerald. You can be trendy in leopard prints, hats, classic prints, faux military, peplum tops, leather, slogan sweaters, turtle necks, plaid, white, florals or furs.

To say nothing of the fashion choices that have filtered down to common man: chunky infinity scarves, skinnies, colored jeans, maxi dresses & skirts, mullet hems and chambray. Ankle pants and ankle boots.
I've got the fur, the scarf, the belt, the boots and the maxi, to say nothing of the layered polka dots.

As a matter of fact, of the 2013 trends I saw, the only ones I would embrace would be the jewel tones and the classic prints. And the scarves, though I don't own an infinity one yet.

I am a classic girl at heart and I live to buck trends. 

So, what do you do, when you are simply not into the current styles? Or when the current styles would make you look like an emerald wrapped sausage with a touch of oxblood for emphasis? Which, btw, pairs nicely with the low in back/high in front baby belly revealing shirt trend that is also in.

A blogger I read recently gave her list of closet essentials. And I chuckled. Because my closet essentials are the opposite of hers. She said it is necessary to have several pairs of black and blue skinnies or straight leg jeans, and some colored skinnies, and one pair of trouser cut slacks or jeans.

But, the thing is, I live in trouser cut jeans and slacks. Whether I am shopping second hand or brand new, this is the style that draws my eye and that I know is a great fit for me.

I love the extra length that trouser cuts seem to have. I am tall, with long legs. I don't want my hems dragging on the ground, but I don't want my ankles showing either. Ankle pants or skinnies or straight leg jeans end up looking like I just didn't buy long enough pants.

I love the forgiving wide double button waist band of a trouser cut. It lays on my flat on my belly for a slimming effect. Skinnies and straight leg jeans tend to bisect my leftover mama belly and give me a non-flattering muffin top. Which would you go for? The trendy muffin top or the non trendy but flattering trouser cut?

For me it's a no brainer.

my semi-dressed up uniform-trouser cut, pin-stripe slacks, a layered jacket and blouse.
With plenty of bling. And no shoes...
The staples of a woman's wardrobe generally consists of:

Dress coat
Dark Denim
Black Slacks
White Blouse/Button Up shirt
Long and Short Sleeve T-shirts in basic and neutral colors
Little Black Dress
Ballet Flats (snort...I prefer heels myself)
Black Cardigan
Classic Skirt (a-line and pencil skirts are timeless. minis and maxis are dated)

These staples stay consistent when other trends come and go. These are the things to invest your big bucks into. Look for posts and articles that showcase the perfect pant cut or white blouse or bathing suit for your figure-be it apple, pear, banana or watermelon. (I just made those last 2 up)

So, if you are skinny and can rock the skinnies, have at it. If you prefer trouser cut or boyfriend cut, do those. If you are into bohemian, rock that look! Feel free to wear whatever ties together your personal style and shape in a feminine and modest manner.

Just because everyone is wearing something does not mean you have to. I mean, look at me. The paragon of fashion. Snort.

Pick what works for you. Pick clothes that define your personal style-your likes. Pick what you are comfortable in. Pick what makes you look your best. Pick for you-not someone else.
this is me practicing my model pose. What do you think?
How would you define your style? What factors do you consider when you are buying clothes for yourself?