Thursday, September 19, 2013

Carving Out Time to Read

When I was younger (read: before I was married and had kids...I aged when that happened...), I used to read all the time. I would read biographies and novels. Basically anything I could get my hands on.

I would read anytime and all the time.

I still consider myself a reader, though not to the proportions of some of my online friends. People like Anne and Sheila read multiple books per week. I read multiple books per month.

I have begun to read multiple books at one time-which is a huge step for me. I will space out some of my deeper reading with lighter reads. Life changing and thinking books with fluff and stuff. I mean, I don't want to improve myself too much...Snort.

When I am enjoying what I am reading, I spend a lot of time reading. I find time to read. I am less likely to be online. More likely to be lost in between the leafs of something tangible.

But, it is still hard to find time to read. After all, I can't get too lost in the book. There are children to school and feed and bathe (occasionally). Life needs lived. My reading time is often measured in minutes not hours. Spurts, not chunks.

It takes maximizing, not wasting, my minutes. It is reading when I have moments, instead of wishing that I had solid chunks. It is making the most of the time I do have available to me.

Here is how I find time to read almost every day...

-I read in bathroom. Well, everyone reads in the bathroom...but I read after my shower when I am putting lotion on or while I am curling my hair. 

-I read before sleeping-even just 10-15 minutes. It is amazing how much reading you can get done in just 10-15 minutes. I have made progress through lots of books this way-fiction and non. Though nonfiction tends to help me wind down and put me to sleep better. Riveting fiction is hard to put down between chapters. Harder not to pull an all-nighter to find out how the story ends. 

Btw, in reading before bed, if I want to get 10-15 minutes in, I start reading by about 9:30, so I can go to sleep on time. So I can get up on time.

-I read for a bit in the afternoons after blog stuff is done-instead of wasting time on social media. I can waste hours trolling FB, Twitter, and Pinterest. But, it certainly doesn't mean that I should. Plus, reading books recharges my batteries a whole lot better than being on social media. 

-I read at the table while the kids are doing schoolwork that doesn't require my full attention-just my presence.

-I read while I am baking cookies and cooking dinner. Between batches or while the pasta is boiling. Perfect minutes to read something.

-I read when I am running errands where I have to wait...oil changes, doctor's appointments, etc.

How do you carve time out of a busy schedule and life's responsibilities to read? I'd love more ideas.