Thursday, August 1, 2013

Thrift Store Decor

I love thrift store shopping. It is fun. Each trip is a quest to find hidden treasure. Sometimes I shop with an idea in mind. Sometimes I shop with the vague concept of finding something useful or beautiful.

The key to thrift shopping is to go often. That also makes it rather expensive, but whatever...

Patience is a virtue-esecially in thrift shopping. Your favorite stores might not have what you are looking for this week, but they might next week.

Another key concept in thrift shopping is to be decisive. If you see and like it, you better buy it. Chances are it won't be there the next time you go.

You also need to be open minded when you shop. Treasures don't always look like treasures. Sometimes they look like furniture that needs sanding and a coat of paint.

But do be picky. Because our goal is not to fill our houses with junk just because it was a good deal. Buy only what you will use. 

I hit all my favorite thrift shops this past week. I was looking for a corner shelf. But then my desires morphed into a corner hutch. I didn't find either, but I have not given up.

I also am looking for a huge vase to put in a corner of my living room with some sticks or something in it. I didn't find that either. I am in no rush though. I will simply keep looking.

Here's what I did find:

random and awesome clay pitcher...$6.99
brass lantern $1.99

I am hoping to gather some lanterns one by one to use in my living room. I want to find one or two of those huge ones-like 18" tall. I would like to not pay full price for them. We'll see.

ceramic pumpkin...$2.99

lasagna pan...$5.99
Shopping for clothes follows all the same principles as shopping for other treasures. I'd just say that if something doesn't fit (for yourself) don't buy it. Hopeful shopping is not good shopping. For kids it is always good to be thinking a size or season ahead. That is how you will find the best deals.

What treasures have you found recently at a Thrift Store? What other tips do you have for thrift shopping? Share with me in the comments.

*Btw, Happy First Day of AUGUST!