Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Mary Poppin's Purse

LC has been working through Mary Poppins while I have been running this week. Today she started up in the nursery scene where Mary Poppins starts pulling all kinds of stuff from her bag. Such a funny scene...

Purses have a way of resembling Mary Poppins' bag. There truly is no limits to the amount and variety of stuff you can cram in a purse.

And it is an inherent and ingrained trait that starts very early in almost all girls...Our mad packing skilz...

I remember one day when my niece visited me. She must have been 3 or less. She brought her purse. Just a little number, but chock full of surprises. My own two sons were around, as were another niece and nephew. They were all enthralled as they sat in a circle around my niece as she pulled wonder after wonder out of the endless depths of her purse...

We are reading book 7 of Harry Potter in which Hermione has her bottomless beaded purse. It holds a tent, books, clothes, and everything else they might possibly need on their journey.

My purse these days is a batik bag I bought in Indonesia. It isn't flashy, but it is spacious. It is roomy and it is filled with all kinds of stuff. Random chaos.

The sum total of the contents of my purse include:

2 pens-because you can't have too many pens
a diaper
a change of clothes for Meres-including panties, because we are still in the potty training trenches
an expo marker-that is my "always prepared" teacher mode filtering through
hackey sack-also part of teacher mode. You never know when you may need to play hot potato
pocket Bible
head covering
2 lip stains
my business cards. I never give them out, but I certainly won't if I don't have them with me.
Meres' head band-leftover from some recent foray into society.
A hanky, because I always have to blow my nose.
3 bobby pins
a minuscule hair clip
2 bandaids
there it is...dumped on the floor in all its glory...

Wow! My purse also often holds Meres' cup, my water bottle, my iPad, a random broken necklace, my keys, sunglasses, and a random feminine product added for good measure. I think the reason we girls all have purses filled with various and sundry items is because we truly live the boy scout idea: always prepared. 

I think I could rival Mary Poppins these days, or at least win the fabled purse game.

If I am running out on my own, I don't carry a purse. I grab my phone and wallet and call it good. Less is the new more. 

What's in your purse? Does your purse make mine look out of control or rather tame?