Friday, August 23, 2013

10 Things My Roomies Need to Know About Me

In just 2 months I am going off to a blogging conference in SC. The Allume conference. Now you all, my faithful readers, know what a blog is, and probably don't think a blogging conference is the weirdest thing you've ever heard of. Because I went to a blogging conference last fall, and kind of enlightened you to the ways of the online world.

But, a whole lot of my IRL friends and acquaintances look at me like I have grown another head when I tell them I am going to a blogging conference. There are such things? Blogging conferences, not second heads...

Today there is an Allume conference roomie link up in the interest of full disclosure. What should your roomies, who are often complete strangers, know about you before you bunk up together?

So, this is for Amanda and Kit and Elizabeth, but the rest of you can read along too. You might find out something about me that you never knew before...

1. I am married to Mr. Hippie, and we have four offspring. I home school my three oldest in a Barefoot Hippie hybrid of unit study, traditional and classical education.

2. I'm the Barefoot Hippie Girl, but if I have to wear something on my feet in October, it is probably going to be sandals-not boots or shoes.

3. I love to dress up-especially when the variable of wearing offsprings' snot and such has been removed. So, I will most likely be in a dress or dress slacks all weekend. With lots of black. Because I believe in the power of black. Slimming, goes with everything and hides toddler finger prints.

4. I am a morning person, though I'm not a big talker first thing in the morning. I get up early for the crispy stillness, not the scintillating conversation. At least no conversation until I have a big mug of coffee in my hands.

5. I am the person who is going to be snoozing through any late night meet ups. Seriously-my bedtime is 9:30. But, you really don't have to worry about waking me up. I sleep through a whole lot of things.

6. I love dark chocolate, coffee, and chocolate covered coffee beans, but I detest grounds in my coffee.

7. I am the queen of short showers-no joke. 10 minutes will do for everything from shampooing to shaving. And my intentional light socket hair-do and make up routine only take an additional 15 minutes or so.

8. Snakes give me the creeps, but rarely nightmares. I do occasionally have jump out of my bed nightmares about my kids choking or drowning.

9. I don't snore. I do laugh raucously. I don't hog the blankets. I do regularly stick a leg or two out of the blankets to regulate my temperature. Hot flashes anyone?

10. I like to move it-move it. I will probably sneak out both mornings for a run or something. I am not ADD at all, but I am a runner and a swimmer. And I should have two triathlons under my belt before Allume, plus an additional half marathon. I love food, so moving keeps things relatively balanced. A nervous non-eater I am not.

So, I hope I haven't scared you girls off, and that you will still room with me. It is going to be crazy fun, and I am looking forward to meeting you! IRL, in two months! Whoot-whoot!

What would you feel it necessary to disclose to a roomie before bunking up together?