Monday, July 8, 2013

Hypothetical Books

I've rediscovered my words, after a dry week. I rode my bicycle and felt the wind in my face and the sunshine on my back. I thought lofty (snort) thoughts (can I go any faster? can I go any slower? are we there yet? Am I going to die? Squirrel...).

Mr. Hippie has been telling me for a while that I should write a book.

I am not terribly enthused about the idea. After all...everybody is writing eBooks. And if everybody is doing it, why would I? I am so not a joiner or follower, lemming or anything else in the everybody's doing it category. The thought that everybody is doing it makes me inherently dig in my heels and refuse to do it. I was born that way. (I'm just not sure where Meres gets it from. Must be her dad.)

Oh, and being the book snob that I am, I don't think I want to write an eBook. I'd want to write a paper and pen book. That you buy online or at a book store. 'Cause they just seem more legit. And often better written.

Also, what in the world would I write about? Says the girl who has written almost 475 blog posts-in less than 2 years. And whose mil told her she has practically written a book already.

I mean, yes. But no. My posts are all over the place, about many subjects. Unless it was a book entitled The (very) Random Musings of a Barefoot Hippie Girl, I don't think that's going to work.

how about this for the cover photo?=)
Though I have written almost 475 posts, on what subject could I actually write 150-200 pages? I have no idea.

But, since Mr. Hippie keeps suggesting it, it has been in the back of my mind. Which means that I have been thinking over it a bit, and occasionally praying about it.

I brought the book subject up to the BFF. I also brought up the lack of a subject. And she, wise woman that she is, told me that I need to write a book on the subject that I would consider world changing. ______ is how I'd like to change the world. In a nutshell, the thing that I am really passionate about.

So, I've been chewing on that thought a while. What would I like my legacy to be? What do I have a burning desire to tell people? How would I like to change our world?

Meanwhile, I read a very good effieicnt homemaking book. I thought to myself, "self, you could have written this book. You do everything this author has suggested." But, while I am totally into efficient home making because I don't want to spend a minute more than necessary cleaning, I am not passionate about efficient homemaking.

I also love to cook. I could compile a cook book of all the easy, delicious recipes I have shared on this blog. I could collaborate with someone to get gorgeous pictures. I could include anecdotes. But, while I love cooking delicious food for appreciative audiences (including my family) it really isn't my passion. My burning desire is not really to fill the world's stomachs.

I bike, and run, and swim. I write about woman's fitness. I write from my experience. I exercise out of the desire to meet goals and not become a blimp from all my good cooking. But, I'm not passionate about fitness either.

I write a lot of devotional posts, but I hate reading devotionals. I want to encourage a high view of God in people, but why in the world would I write a book I personally would never read? Bad business plan.

photo credit Joanna Webber
So, what gets me excited? What gives me the most satisfaction? What makes my blood boil? What makes me cry (or at least tear up)?

Teaching. I love to teach. I love to pass on what I have learned. As a matter of fact, with every book I read, with every experience I go through, I think to myself, how can I share what I've learned with someone else. Whether from the Bible, or from experience. Whether from my life or someone else's story. Whether from history or....I love to teach. This is my passion. I love connecting the dots and seeing/showing the big picture. This is what I can talk about for hours and hours and hours.

photo credit Joanna Webber
I'm a big hand talker. Talk to the hand and all...
I also am passionate about women partnering with their husbands in ministry. Starting in their home and also making their homes the hub from which all their other ministry's flow. Ministry's to the church and to unbelievers. My role models are women who changed their worlds and glorified God. Elisabeth Elliot. Edith Shaeffer. Elsie Faulkner. These women's stories inspire me. They challenge me.

Is there a place these two ideas intersect? I don't know.

So, I am not promising a book. I'm certainly not promising a best seller. But, I am back to the stewing and praying stage. God has planted a seed in my heart via others. Maybe it will grow. Maybe it won't.

photo credit Joanna Webber

It's scary. On many levels. To try and fail.

But, the scariest thought is to never have tried. And maybe to regret that later. At least failure is a learning curve. Hey, then I could write a book about how not to write a book.=)

Have you ever written a book? Have you ever considered writing a book? What would/did you write about? What do you find most daunting about the thought of writing a book?

Come back tomorrow for a review of a book, written by my friend, Elizabeth. Actually published in paper and ink. She's my hero!