Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Best Book You've Never Heard Of On Freud & C.S. Lewis

Today I am linking up with Anne from Modern Mrs. Darcy, and her best book you've never heard of series...

I love books. I love the smell of the paper and ink. I love the look of a beautiful hardcover, gold leaf book. I want to fill my shelves with them. I love delving into a new author, and being pleasantly surprised at the quality of their offerings.

Growing up, my parents made us read a lot of Christian biographies. Fiction was rather frowned upon. Since I've been an adult and had the freedom to read whatever I want, I have read whatever I want-particularily heavy on the fiction. I've discovered a keen love of adventure novels and mysteries.

But, lately my tastes have swung back to nonfiction books. Books about people and topics. Books that grow my mind, not just amuse me for an afternoon. (Though I still read enough pulp fiction too.)

As I thought through the books I've read lately that have changed my mind and thinking, I realized there wasn't really any I could share that you wouldn't have heard of. Most of them have been on best seller lists...168 Hours, Outliers, My Life in France, Bringing Up Bebe, Gifts from the Sea. All great books. All books that have changed my life a smidgen. All books that I have written about here.

So then my thoughts swung to biographies I have read that have impacted my life...George Muller of Bristol, Hudson Taylor, Borden of Yale, The Tapestry, Team of Rivals, etc...

But, most of them I have written about too. Any I haven't written about, I haven't read for years either.

Or how about fiction...Harry Potter, Rick Riordan's Heroes of Odyssey, Ted Bell's Alex Hawk series, anything Clive Cussler. Chances are, you've read them, or at least heard of them.

These are all my favorites, but they don't fit the criteria of books you've never heard of.

And then I remembered this book. Perfect! The Question of God.

Everyone has heard of Sigmund Freud. His philosophies continue to shape generations.  C.S. Lewis has gotten even more popular with the advent of the movies based on his Chronicles of Narnia. But, most people probably have never read this book, The Question of God. It is written as a posthumous debate between Lewis and Freud using their letters and writings to share their views on everything from God to pain to love and life.

I first read this book 9 years ago. Mr. Hippie and I had attended a wedding and got in a book discussion with a friend. She recommended this book, and then went a step farther. She bought and mailed this book to us. We both read, enjoyed and were challenged by this book.

Both Freud and Lewis were unquestionably brilliant philosophers who made their stamp on the world. Freud was an atheist, and Lewis was an atheist turned believer. Even though Lewis was a Christian, no one could say that post-conversion, he checked his brains in at the door. He continued to be a very scholarly thinker on all topics.

I personally have a strong belief that the Bible is true in every respect, and that nature, science, and history supports the truth of the Bible if understood correctly. I may have somewhat blind belief in that the Bible is true, is always true. I have scratched the surface on some of the conundrums presented by the Bible, always coming from the paradigm that the Bible is true-always. Some people may call this ignorance. Others would call it faith.

I found this book challenging because this book doesn't refute or dispute or support the Bible. It presents 2 diametrically opposed viewpoints from men who started at the same place. It didn't shake my faith, it confirmed it. It gave answers to some of the intellectual questions of the Bible, by men much more intellectual than me. Men who wanted more than just the faith thing.

I think this book proves you can ask the hard questions and find answers that are compatible with the Bible. Hard questions don't mean lack of faith. The answers should reinforce your faith, if Biblically based.

If you like digging deeper into the why's and wherefore's presented by the Bible, this book presents some great arguments that I think you would enjoy. If you are an intellectual, you will enjoy this book. It even was endorsed by NPR. If you like the nonfiction writings of C.S. Lewis, you will enjoy this logical compilation of his thoughts.

As a matter of fact, I don't know anyone who really wouldn't enjoy this book. It is part biographical, part philosophical, but wholly a good read. It is available on Amazon if you care to purchase it. Or you can borrow my copy, if you live near me.

What is the best book you have read that we probably have never heard of? Share with me in the comments!