Wednesday, June 26, 2013

That's Ironic. Seriously

Of all brands of humor, irony is my favorite. And then corny jokes. My friend, Catherine, keeps me well supplied with corny jokes. Follow her for a daily dose of humor.

But, for irony, well, regular old life supplies plenty of irony. Situations that if you didn't laugh you'd have to cry. Irony is the things you see and hear that can always have a seriously? attached to them.

Such as...

I've been shaving for what, over 20 years of my life? And, no matter how careful I am, I always miss a patch somewhere on one my knees. Every time. That's inevitability and irony, right there folks.

Isn't it ironic that there can be a 99% chance of rain, but if you skip watering your garden, it won't rain? And, if you do water, it will. Always.

Or how about hot flashes? I think it is ironic that If I have blankets on any time of the year, I sweat buckets. But if I sleep without blankets, I freeze. Perfect solution? Sleeping with one leg outside the covers. Keeps me at an ideal temperature. Darn those hormones!

I find it ironic that everything stays relatively clean until after you clean on the day you clean. Hello muddy footprints and milk spills and shaving residue in the sink.

I also find it ironic that my husband loves hot showers in the summer and not very hot showers in the winter. Yes, you read that right. I am a winter=hot showers, summer=cold showers, kind of gal.

Is it ironic that I love crunching on chocolate covered coffee beans, but I completely dislike any coffee grounds in my cup of joe?

I also find it ironic this current obsession of folks with dry shampoo. I mean, maybe it is just because I have short hair, and it doesn't take long for me to wash, dry and style it. But, it really sounds like dry shampoo takes as much time as actually washing your hair. So why not just wash it?

It is absolutely ironic that we have a house full of books, and yet I feel like I have nothing to read.

ironically enough, Meres is throwing a fit bc she didn't want to sit on this rock.
She wanted to stand on another one.

It is definitely ironic that this Barefoot Hippie Girl is writing this post while sitting at Urgent Care waiting for an X-ray on her left foot. There is a painful spot under my arch. Wondering if it is an injury or if something is stuck in there. Hoping it is the later. It would be a quicker fix. Or maybe it will be nothing. That would be awesome!!!

What do yo find ironic? Leave me a comment...