Monday, June 17, 2013

Cultivating Your Marriage

I love the word cultivate. I don't use it too much, but I should. It is pleasant on the ear and rich in meaning. To prepare and use for crops and gardening. To acquire or develop.

Personally, when I am gardening, I like flowers and plants that don't require much cultivation. Flowers like day lilies. You plant a single bulb once, and it grows, spreads and multiplies. You really don't have to do anything to it ever again. 

Orchids, on the other hand, need cultivation. I chuckled today at Aldi when I saw an orchid labelled easy. I personally have never met an easy orchid. I manage to kill even the 2 ice cube a week varieties.

But, orchids are gorgeous. They may be some of my most favorite flowers. Each blossom is amazing. Those who can cultivate orchids give the rest of us a feast for the senses.

Marriage is a lot like orchid cultivation. It requires preparation and work to produce a crop of love for each other and glory to God.

I hope you all will join me today over at Womanhood With Purpose to read ways I cultivate my marriage. I have been asked to join the monthly contributor team there, and today is my first post

Have a marvelous Monday, and I will see you over at Womanhood with Purpose.