Wednesday, June 19, 2013

10 Intelligent Sounding Words For Everyday Use

I have many loves. Chocolate, flowers, coffee and chocolate covered coffee beans. Camp fires, books, and sunshine. My husband and my kids. Desserts and bread. I love a lot.

One of my secret loves is to use big words. You may actually call it a propensity. Oh yeah! It makes me sound intelligent-until I pronounce one of them wrong. I always use them properly, I just mispronounce them.

Proper use/mispronouncing are funetickal and mind-reading characteristics. Not that I can read your mind, or anyone else's. I just read in my mind, you know? So, I don't have to really sound anything out. Though I do know what the word means. Anyway, that was a rabbit trail.

Here is my list of 10 favorite words to instantly make yourself sound intelligent-if you pronounce them properly. Haul them out regularly to get some conversational bang for its buck, with out being labelled a total nerd.

1. Pontificate. To express your opinion on a subject. This word can be slipped into everyday conversations "Today I pontificated on my blog about the use of big words." Substitute in place of talk or wrote.

2. Culpable. Deserving blame. "I feel they are equally culpable in the burning down of the barn."Use in  place of blame or responsibility.

3. Mollify. To appease. "The customer was somewhat mollified when I offered him a gift card after his poor service experience." Slip it in for appease or soothe. If you have issues with needing to appease people, you can also vary placate with mollify.

4. Proclivity. A tendency to do something regularly. "Barefoot Hippie Girl has a proclivity of drinking coffee in the morning and tea in the afternoon." Much more colorful than tendency or habit.

5. Bloviate. To use many words. "I have the proclivity to bloviate, not abbreviate, my speeches." This is a polite way to say someone talks too much. (like me)

6. Segue. To move without interruption from one thought or activity to another. "I'd say that was a smooth segue from the entree to the dessert concourse." Hey, it is shorter than transition. I think it would be perfect in describing labor. We segued from stage two labor to stage three labor with just a couple of pushes. (Snort!) If I ever have another baby, I will post that phrase in my birth story.

7. Abscond. To leave hurriedly or secretly to avoid detection . "I absconded from our house early this morning to get in a crispy run." This would be a great word to use in place of sneaking off.

8. Enervate. To drain of vitality or energy. This one can be thrown into conversations about kids, animals or activities. And people might actually think you are saying something positive. "My kids enervate me. By the time 1:00 comes around, I am ready for a cup of tea."

9. Plethora. (favorite word EVER) An abundance. "I had a plethora of dessert today!" Let roll off your tongue in place of lots or plenty.

10. Copacetic. Completely satisfactory. You wouldn't be using this word while using placate or mollify.  "Our date night was copacetic." Use copacetic in place of good or great when describing an experience or taste.

What are your favorite intelligent sounding words to sprinkle into conversations? Share with me in the comments.