Monday, May 6, 2013

The Vital Ingredient

So, there is a story in the annals of the Barefoot Hippie Girl about the occasion I made brownies without eggs. (Which should be differentiated from the time I made brownies without sugar. Brownies and I didn't have a good relationship for a while there.)

These brownies were a nice, rich, chocolately brown, flat rock. After earnestly attempting to cut them into wedges, we ended up burying them in the vegetable garden. Where they probably are still in a non deteriorated state.

I bet I could dig them up, but that might freak out the current residents. So, I will let sleeping brownies lie.

Suffice it to say, brownies are not brownies without eggs. Eggs are essential to their make up. Essential.

A life and ministry without prayer is rather like brownies without eggs. It might look okay, but something essential is missing. It isn't able to be used as it was intended. It is harder than it is supposed to be.

I have been seeking rest and refreshment the past month or so. God keeps weaving this theme in my heart and life. And I know where I need to go to be refreshed. I need to go to God's Word and to God Himself. God is my source of living water. Anything else can be a broken cistern.

Prayer is the key ingredient that is often missing in my life. I have been battening down the hatches, but not calling out to God. Not the way I should.

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