Wednesday, March 6, 2013


Public safety announcement:
Sometimes the technicalities of blogging irritate me. I did a wonderful tutorial on Tuesday that walked me through putting my blog address/link front and center on my Pinterest profile. It was easy-complete with pictures and codes.

Problem is, I had to change some html in my blog template. Which, for some reason, messed up my Disqus comment forum. I don't know what the connection is. I just know that I got the Pinterest thing set up, and Disqus had disappeared.

I ended up reloading Disqus, but lost most of my old comments. Which is a bummer, because I thought we had some great conversations going on.

Anyway, now you know, if you hadn't happened to see my post on FB yesterday, that this is what happened. I didn't erase any comments in a fit of pique.

Though I do love the word pique. And it is only rare occasions that it can be brought out and displayed in all its glories.

Just sayin.'=)