Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Running, Races and Rain

Here I am sitting in balmy Borneo (home is getting pounded with 12 inches of snow. So sad to be gone. Not!), listening to the sound of pouring rain outside open windows.

Have I ever mentioned that I love the sound of pouring rain? And thunder and lightening? It is music to this Barefoot Hippie's ears.

collecting rain water for drinking and cooking
It is a very soothing sound. And cleansing. And rejuvenating. A good and stout rain makes the air fell clean and clear. The whole world looks freshly washed.

The boys are off to "real" school today. Real school being a mini school with other kids who are not their siblings, and with a teacher not their mother. I can't wait to hear what they have to say about it.

the erstwhile students

LC is reading on the couch, and Meres is napping. Mr. Hippie is behind me studying. And all is right in my little world.

Today I got to experience a first...riding on a motorcycle. It was a somewhat thrilling experience. Christina is a good driver. I felt perfectly safe in her capable hands.
the wheels

But, it was an experience. There is a rhythm to the traffic, though I have yet to get it. People take their turns and are rather gracious. There is not the road rage that we see in the States. But, it is crazy to the uninitiated. Like me.

Doing the ups and downs in the car on Java made me mildly sick. As did the watching of cyclists weaving in and out of traffic.

For now we are sticking in one place. Here in our little corner of Borneo for the next two weeks.

We've been doing some studying for our meetings this week. I was brushing up on some facts plus my sign language for a verse or two. I've mentioned my love of learning verses and songs with sign language before. (here) I am looking forward to introducing a new batch of kids to some signs for these songs and verses.

We are going to be using the same material we taught last summer at our various DVBS. We have had to modify it a bit, as we are teaching for a longer chunk of time. But it is material that I really enjoy. It resonates with my heart and life. And it is always a good reminder for me.

I think that conviction of experiential truth pours over into my teaching.

Before we left home sweet home, I signed us up for our first two races of the season. We have not been able to run much while here, so when we get home, it is training time.

Starting with running a mile, then 2, then 3, then 5, then 7. And on and on until we hit at least 15.

Training involves sacrifices of time. It involves eating a bit different. It involves sore muscles.

But, the work pays off. Every time. Every race. If you put in the miles before, it shows. If you slack before the race, that is evident too.

It is the same in the Christian race. If you are slacking in your training, it shows. If you aren't exercising your spiritual muscles by reading the Bible and praying-it shows. If you aren't going through the hard times, it shows. We become slack. We have no reserves to pull from. We aren't depending on God's strength to get us through.

I am looking forward to teaching these kids about God's race, and the parallels between real races and the spiritual race.

We are basing our curriculum on Hebrews 11-13. We cover:

Signing up for the race-by faith in God, including God being the Creator of the world.
Jesus Christ as the author and finisher of our race-His life and death, and how we follow His example. What would Jesus do?
Athletes in training and what they give up-based on Moses' life.
Coaches-training athletes by making them do the hard stuff. God trains those He loves.
Race stats-all the heroes from Hebrews 11, and what we can learn from each of their races.
Race packets- In a race you are given all kinds of instructions and stuff to make your race go well. Hebrews 13 is our packet of instructions.

LC thriving in the heat
Pray that God speaks clearly through both of us, Mr. Hippie and I. That we say only what God wants is to say. That God's love would pour through us to each of these kids. And that they would be encouraged to love and serve and glorify God with their lives. That they will make a commitment early in life to run God's race.

Let us run with endurance the race that is set before us. Looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith. Who for the joy that was set before Him, endured the cross, despising the shame, and is set down at the right hand of God.