Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Best Birthday EVER!

So, I know that Freckles celebrated his birthday almost 2 weeks ago now but...

If you know my second born, you know that he is all in, or all NOT in. There is no halfway. 

He was totally pumped to be celebrating his 9th birthday in Indonesia, with old and new friends. He actually had a birthday party. That is pretty cool, because birthday parties are not my thing. He and his friends had a nerf war, folded origami with Mr. Hippie, ate cake, and were 100% boy.

Without further ado...

Tin-tin Birthday excitement

making paper airplanes and doing origami

birthday donuts

rice hat. Hats are Freckles "love language"

the donut

the birthday party guest. Once in a lifetime experience
maybe Meres' first ponytail. I love her curls.

Freckles' second love language-flying and airplanes

another Java beach pic...

Meres chillin' with her friend

ariel view of a Borneo mountain

I think this is going to be pretty hard to top...