Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Napoleon Dynamite Dated Me

So, really, he didn't.

Maybe I should say, "Napoleon Dynamite dates me."

I'm assuming that you all have watched Napoleon Dynamite at least once. If you haven't, run! (not walk) to your nearest Red Box or Netflix and rent it. Then come back and finish reading this post.

Napoleon Dynamite was my adolescence. The caboodles and big bangs. The skater rolled jeans and giddio-blasters. The side pony tails and the moon boots. Oh, and multiple pairs of slouch socks. Can't forget those.
somethings should never happen, and they certainly should not be photographed

That was my life. The life of the late 1980s and early 1990s.

Horror of horrors!

To think we thought we looked so cool. Wow!

Did you ever stop to ponder that this year's fads will be style horrors in 20 years?

Bell bottoms of the 60s. The empire waists. The plaids and polyester of the 70s. To say nothing of the seersucker and ruffles. Original maxis and minis. Shoulder pads and ugly sweaters of the 80s.

Not as cool looking back as in the moment. That I can guarantee.

What the people 20 years from now see when they are looking at 2012-2013? Will they think, "wow, they really got it right in those years?" Or will they wondered why we all thought we were too hot to trot?

Fads that are everywhere-from the malls to the runways to Pinterest. Fads that fill our style boards and blogs and closets and living rooms.

In furniture and fashion, decor and accessories, there are products that stand the test of time and products that come and go. (and then there are the products that make a short reappearance every 20-30 years and they've improved since the last round?)

The basis and framework of our fashion and decor should be classic pieces that never go out of style. The "pops" should be the fads and trends. A good rule is to spend the big bucks on the classics, and be a tight wad with the trends.

Every woman's fashion staples should include

a black blazer
good fitting (and even fitted) jeans
a collared white dress shirt
something with an animal print and/or something metallic
black pants
a lbd
an evening clutch (moms-this is especially important for us. Ditch the diaper bag occasionally)
a dressy jacket-either a leather jacket or trench coat
a day dress
a statement necklace-this can be something chunky like what is in now, or something real
black pumps, flats, strappy sandals

This stuff you can wear-year in, year out. So long as it fits.

Trends are picked by companies and designers. They probably have some sort of calendar-in 2012 we will do stripes. 2013 is the year for_____. Its a conspiracy! (say that in a freaked out voice=)) Just watching the runways and magazines, and seeing the continuity, you know they all put their heads together at some point in time.

They decide what they want to make, what they want to sell, and then market these trends as the "must haves." It's all a money thing. Consumers spending, fashion companies raking it in. They market to the need to fit in. They create the supply and the demand.

Personally, I rebel against that. I am a very classics kind of girl. But, I also try to subscribe to this line of thinking-"don't be the first to pick up a trend, nor the last to give it up." Balance, you know? 

Plump out the corners of your wardrobe with the trends-chevrons and maxis, stripes and homemade jewelry. Scarves and jeggings. (Jeggings? Is that even a legal word? It makes me think a things that jiggle. Not good) Colored jeans and skinny jeans. Have a pair or two, if you so desire-but not a pair in every color of the rainbow.

light blues sweats and flannel shirts=not cool
After all, we don't want to be watching a pop classic 20 years from now, and think, with a grimace, "I was so there."

What's your favorite current trend? Looking back over your life, what is the worst trend you subscribed to?

For a great series on women taking care of themselves, look up my friend Allison's new initiative, 12 Months to a Better Woman. She has great tips on fashion and such.