Tuesday, January 22, 2013

5 tips to traveling with 4 kids 10 and under

1. Don't do it. Just kidding. Wow, that was a short post.=)

2. Get bassinet/bulkhead seats. There is way more leg room. Plus a bed for babies 23 pounds or less. Not sure we squeaked by that one.

3. On these trips to foreign lands across multiple (read 14) time zones-force your kids to sleep when they darken the plane. They won't be happy with you then, but adjustment will be quicker. And you won't have 4 kids falling asleep in their rice bowls.

4. Pack a new fun toy. We bought our three oldest each a Lego set with their Christmas money from Aunt Lydia. They were pumped and entertained for hours.

5. Don't forget to pack conditioner. Or if you do, stay with friends in Chicago who give you their supply for the trip.

We are doing well. We have had a partial plus a full day here in Japan so far. We have spent these days in Shibukawa which is in the foothills of gorgeous mountains.

We have only had to use western style toilets to date, ptl! With warmed seats. Seriously! I'm going to have to get me one of those.

Yesterday we drove up a mountain, and saw beautiful vistas. The kids played in about their first snow of the season. We have had so very little at home this year. Though I hear they are currently getting hammered. Maybe it was just waiting for us to leave.

I will try to load some pictures soon. The laptop isn't working at optimum levels, so I am on the Internet and blogging on my handy iPad.

Which also means that if you are commenting in Disqus, I haven't seen the comments. It doesn't work on this.

Have a delightful day all!