Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Your Mission, if You Choose to Accept

Can a see a show of hands? Who likes Christmas shopping? Okay, now, raise your hand if you don't like Christmas shopping.

Yes, that is Barefoot Hippie Girl with her hand waving-on the second question.

I am not a big fan of Christmas shopping.

Here's why. I have a list about 50 people long. (that is not an exaggeration) I have limited time. I either must shop with 4 lovely chilluns' in tow during the day. OR, I can shop limited shopping/baby-sitting hours at night.
She is in "no" training. And she loves the tree.

Either-or, shopping becomes a mission to be accomplished as quickly as possible-not an enjoyable stroll through the mall. The soundtrack to my Christmas shopping experience could be "Mission Impossible" rather than "Walking in a Winter Wonderland."

Best case scenario is having the perfect idea for everyone on the list, and finding that perfect item at the first place you thought it would be.

perfect scenario for a perfect couple hours of writing
More likely, and much more frustrating, is having the perfect idea, and not being able to find it anywhere.

Or, having no ideas, and aimlessly wandering around hoping for inspiration.

Unbelievably, this year, I have (physically) shopped once, and gotten almost 90% of my shopping done in one fell swoop of less than 3 hours. I know! Modern miracles do happen!

its all the eyes...and the pigtails

But, I shouldn't speak too soon. Mr. Hippie is yet to come. He is always a challenge what with his birthday and Christmas 3 days apart. A double whammy. I have small ideas, but nothing big. I guess I can always fall back on the standard favorite for guys-a necktie.

I should say that I actually LOVE shopping. When I don't have to buy anything, it's a blast! When I am just looking for a good deal on something we need, or killing calories, or shopping for something to do to combat cabin fever- I love it. I think big list and limited time, is really the downer for me.

Which, brought an ah-ha moment to me a few weeks ago...why don't I shop throughout the year, when I want to, not put it off to the 11th hour?

picking out our Christmas tree. It had to fit in the living room with out major furniture rearrangement.
It goes back to the Barefoot Hippie Girl proclivity for putting off un-desireable tasks as long as possible. Must be wired with a procrastination gene.

Anyway, Christmas shopping may evoke for you, visions of strolling through greenery bedecked shops, sipping cocoa, listening to Christmas carols being piped over the intercom and holding your lover's hand.

Christmas shopping for me is accomplished in one of two ways...

Online: Hallelujah for online shopping! How did we survive without it all these years? So far this year I have bought books, legos, Christmas cards, tickets, gift cards and calendars. Plus I get the added benefit of having packages come to MY door all throughout the month. Ding-ding!

IRL-list in hand-with places to go, and what to get at each place. We eat dinner before we hit the shops. We go through the list. And when we are done-we're done. No window shopping. In, out. Mission accomplished!

all decorated. With a band of silver lights.
We have majorly simplified this year. We have tried to stick to the three gift thing for each of our kids in the past. This year we are doing four gifts-wear, need, want, read. It is working out splendidly. Let me clarify-together we are doing 4 gifts. Mr. Hippie always manages to sneak in an extra or two. But, that is how he is wired.

I am not a fan of big crowds. I am not ____-phobic of them. I just don't like having to wait in line to check out. Maybe I have an impatient gene or two, in addition to the procrastination one.

Meres had about had it here.
This year, I am buying my ideas-at the first place. My time is generally worth the money saved shopping around for a better deal. This is really hard for a frugal Hippie. But, it is worth it. Peace on earth, and all that. A very Hippie concept.

I have to pick up socks for Meres, a gift for the in-laws, and somethings for two little boys in my life. Some gift cards, and Mr. Hippie's nonexistent ideas. Within the next 3 weeks. Not bad, I'd say.

And, then I can put off the other dreaded chore, gift-wrapping, as long as possible. Anyone for a late Christmas Eve wrapping party?

So, do you or don't you? (like Christmas shopping. I promise I will wrap my presents before Christmas Eve.) Leave me a comment.

Oh, and "this message will self-destruct in three seconds..."