Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Ghost of Christmas Present

I have a house full of semi-sick Barefoot Hippies. Just about everyone is sniffing and snorting, blowing and coughing. Thankfully most were healthy enough yesterday to really enjoy the day. But, they all ate their bowl of oatmeal, and LC is now back in bed. Of her own accord.

Christmas Eve cinnamon rolls. It pays to be a Barefoot Hippie.

Christmas is over. Once again. For another whole year. I think if you don't enjoy the whole season, then Christmas Day can tend to be rather anticlimactic.

Christmas Eve Appetizer FEAST!!!

I think this was one of my favorite Christmases to date. What made it so special?

1. Meres was totally the perfect age for opening gifts. I loved watching her.

It not only looked amazing-it tasted amazing!

2. The boys kept exclaiming, "This is the best Christmas ever!!!" They loved their gifts. We kept to our four gift thing. They were grateful and unselfish. Which is what every parent hopes for. Sometimes we are pleasantly surprised.

A game for BMV from the bff. Can anyone say, "awkward pic for wedding slide show?"=)
3. The food. Seriously. The food all month was amazing! The roast beef, stuffed chicken, green bean bundles, wedge salads and sour cream and onion potatoes for our work Christmas party. The amazing appetizers on Christmas Eve. The BFF marinated olives, made an Asian Chicken Salad served on romaine leaves, and strung kabobs with cantaloupe, fresh mozzarella, and proscuitto, with an olive oil, basil, shallot dressing. Amazing! Our table was packed. And eggs benedict. That lemony, buttery, eggy goodness.

Camping out by the tree on Christmas Eve!

4. The schedule was the perfect balance this season. I don't know, but it seemed really laid back to me. We did the things we love to do, like concerts, and seeing lights. And we also took time to just relax. I've felt really chilled since last Thursday.

LC gazing at the presents.

5. Hanging with our favorite people. I think I especially love Christmas time because we get to see most of the people who are most loved and most important to us. It is a time of laughter and catching up. And, if we didn't get to hang with you, your card is probably gracing my kitchen cupboards. It has been fun seeing how families and kids have grown over the past year. And the multitude of cards we have received has made me feel very loved.

reading the Christmas story on Christmas morning

6. Games. Since there is down time, we tend to play some games. Mr. Hippie has tromped on me in Boggle a few times. There has also been an intense round of Trouble, to say nothing of Uno, and all that entails with little kids.

Stockings. I love the semi-sleepy eyes.

7. I can't leave out the gifts...Mr. Hippie bought me a couple new charms for my Pandora bracelet. And he got me an iPad! I will still do most of my blogging on the laptop. But the iPad will make it possible for me to blog while we are gone traveling the world. Oh, and I can play my games again. Words with Friends. Hanging.

Meres unwrapping.

8. Church Christmas Program. It was lovely once again. I was very proud of my kids. They sang and recited very well. I think the Festival of 9 Lessons and Carols is a great blend of Scripture readings and favorite carols. Plus, we read/recite the unfamiliar carols as poems. It is a great showcase of the talent in our church. That Sunday is probably my favorite of the year.

grubby face, golden moon boots. Wow!

9. New babies. We have several friends who have had their babies this past week. New life is such a blessing. Such a sign of hope. Now, I am waiting eagerly for my sister's twins to be born. Though we really want them to stay put for another 2-3 weeks yet.

eggs benedict. Sigh...

10. Time for reflection on the greatest and best gift of all Jesus Christ. Without His birth, He could not have died to save me. Without His birth, we wouldn't have this Christmas season. He is the Reason for the Season. Just because it is rather cliche' doesn't mean it isn't truth.

the "twins" playing well together. They were big into giving hugs and kisses yesterday.

flip-flops because Pandora doesn't have bare feet. Always thinking, that Mr. Hippie.=)

Probably 3/4 of our cards. There are ribbons on the cupboards on the other side of the kitchen too.

What was your favorite part of the Christmas season?