Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Dental Mentality

Does anyone like going to the dentist? Well, LC does. Our annual trip is today, and she has been excitedly counting down the days since I scheduled the appointment.

Like, Christmas/advent calendar type excitement.

Me, well, I don't mind going. It is what it is. Rarely painful. Though I always wonder if they are leaving any tooth as they scrape away the accumulated plaque. Which is a really gross mental pic. Moving on...

About two weeks ago, we received a disturbing note from our dentist. No, I am not talking about the postcards they send out to tell you it has been too long between appointments.

No, we got a two page letter from our dentist stating that after a practice of 36 years, he has decided to retire.

Are you kidding me?

My dentist and I go way back. WAY back. Simply put, of those 36 years he has practiced, I've been an annual visitor for 30 years. At least.

I have no other dentist. I want no other dentist.

I'd almost rather let my teeth rot out of my head.

Well, not really.

But, you know, he's my guy. He has seen me through a mouth full of cavities pre-teen, buck teeth, braces, bleaching for wedding pictures, and yearly exhortations to floss.

And, now he is quitting. I wish I could retire after 36 years. Sigh.

Lest we think he is leaving us high and dry though, his 3 nurses, that have been with him almost as long as I can remember, are sticking it out at the office. With the NEW dentist.

Like new-new. Just graduated from dental school new. I'm sure she is great. Just dandy.

Actually, what goes through my mind is this Tim Conway clip. Seriously, if you have never watched it, do. You will bust a gut laughing. This is actually only the second half of the sketch. I couldn't find the whole thing. But, if you ever get a chance, watch it in its entirety. It is from the Carol Burnett show.

Here's to hoping that by this time next year, our new dentist will have worked any Tim Conway antics out of her system.