Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Sponsor Lovin'

Today I would like to introduce you to some of the beautiful ladies in my sidebar. I have been blessed to read their blogs, and I hope you have taken the chance to look them up too.

I asked them each to describe their ideal scene of kicking back and relaxing. Because fall gets packed to the gills with activities, and our wish is to just have a few moments to relax.

Meet Kelly from Leafy Not Beefy
"My ideal kick back and relax scenario? I can't quite narrow it down to a sentence or two, so I'll just list a few of my favorite ways to unwind: Watch a movie, play board games, take a bubble bath with relaxing music, sip some herbal tea (with honey), sit on a swing with journal in hand and thoughts/words in my head, just chatting or catching up with friends, playing the piano or my harp, reading a novel, and just enjoying life! :)"

Meet Faith from The Life of Faith
"My ideal scene of kicking back and relaxing would be out in the country on a fall day sitting under a tree with a good book and no "to do" list!"

 Meet Pamela from Pamela's Heavenly Treats

"Listening to praise and worship music, reading my devotional book, drinking apple cinnamon hot tea on my back porch!"

Meet Wendy from Saved Sister
"My ideal relax time is cuddling on the couch under a quilt with a good book or movie."

Thank you ladies for sponsoring the Barefoot Hippie Girl for the month of September. I hope you get your moment of relaxation in sometime soon.=)

As for the rest of you, want don't you consider sponsoring Barefoot Hippie Girl in October. My current monthly page views are at over 9000. I have almost 30 email subscribers, and 229 GFC followers. 

Check out my Let's Partner Page for more sponsoring information. Through October 31 you can enter October for 20% off either size ad. "Vhat (say in your best Jewish mama voice) a deal!"

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