Friday, September 14, 2012

Molten Moments

Another week, another dollar.

I feel like this week our school rhythm really got into a good groove. We instituted a 15 minute recess at 11:00 that has been well received by all. Especially me.=) I am trying to have LC done by then. This frees me up to clean something, or cook something. I start Meres' lunch at noon, and bundle her off for her nap by 12:30. Then I get the other three's lunch, and we read. QT usually starts within minutes of 1:00, and I have peace to write a blog post. Wonderful.

Today, we are taking off bright and early for another trip to the Henry Ford Museum. We are going to take a gander at the Robert Frost house again, and maybe the glass blowing, and we are going to explore the Liberty exhibit inside. Field trippin' for Friday Fun School.

Before I leave you for other parts, I want to invite you to check out a post I wrote for Sarah at Fonten4. Its about fear, and what our response should be.

Oh, and I have a great recipe for you...This is brought to you by my wonderful sil, who is also a fairly faithful blog reader. And she lives down the block from me. She made it first, and then graciously shared the recipe. Thanks!

And this post was prompted by Amanda's post yesterday. It was entitled Making Your Marriage Hot with Lava. You can read her post and then come back and make these wonders.

Lava Cakes. Who has had Applebee's lava cakes? Well, those are certainly good, but these are way better. And cheaper. And simple.

Lava Cakes are made up of just a few ingredients. The only unusual ingredient is chocolate baking squares. But I keep those on hand just for this recipe.

Lava Cakes take about 10 minutes to whip together, and only 13-14 minutes to bake. You let them rest for 1 minute, and pop them out of the dishes.

Viola'! Ready to enjoy!

Molten Lava Cakes
4 squares semi sweet baking chocolate
1/2 cup butter
1 cup powdered sugar
2 eggs
2 egg yolks
6 Tbsp flour

Preheat the oven to 425 degrees. Butter four (4) 3/4 cup dishes, and place on a baking sheet.
In microwave, melt butter and chocolate in a large bowl. Stir with a wire whisk until chocolate is completely melted and the mixture is smooth. Stir in sugar until well blended. Whisk in eggs, yolks and flour. Divide into dishes.
Bake 13-14 minutes or until sides are firm, but centers are soft. Let stand 1 minute. Run knife around edges to loosen and upend into dessert dishes.
*This is very important. Don't over bake, and don't let sit too long. You will lose your lava!

Serve with ice cream or whipped topping.

Hey, I'm willing to make my marriage hot with some of this lava.=)

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