Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Teaching an Old Dog New Tricks

I learned a lot on this trip. I can't bring myself to call it a vacation. What with the two VBS and all the sight seeing, I need a vacation now. I slept in until after 8:00 this morning. That didn't happen the whole trip!

More Lessons Learned
Important lesson number one: Any more than 6 outfits (6 bottoms/6 tops) is superfluous. Not necessary. You can come up with endless outfit combinations. If we can survive with only 6 on vacation, why not just 6 for life? (can you tell I am in my post vacation purge mode?)

Important lesson number two: Field trips with kids are a whole different ball game than field trips with just 2 adults. Kids need breaks. Kids need rest days. It is not profitable to cram your days full from top to bottom.

Washington DC
Have I mentioned how excited I was to tour our nation's capitol? Maybe it goes without saying.

I have been to London-twice. I have been to Ottawa. I have been to Amsterdam. I had not been to DC. But now I have.

The best part for me in any big city is seeing the sights. I love to walk or bike around a city, just soaking up the atmosphere, architecture, and history.

I would recommend visiting the Air and Space Museum. There is a lot to do and see. Lots of technical stuff and history. Having been to the Henry Ford, and the Flight Museum on Love Field in Dallas, I have to say that this blows both of these out of the water.

We dipped in at the Archives. We will definitely go back there when the kids are a bit older and can appreciate it.

The Natural History Museum was a bust. I am not a fan of ANY natural history museums that I have visited. I hate being inundated with evolutionary propaganda. It irritates me. I did enjoy seeing the Hope Diamond, as well as the Deep Oceans Exploration movie.

Here is a whole lot of pics. Rest assured-I left a whole lot more out. (Like 24 out of 108)

National Archives

Elephant at the Natural History Museum...Henry???

Smithsonian Castle-who knew?

all of us-BMV with blue sorbet lips
Embrace the Camera

Yay for women! WWII monument

I tear up at monuments

Meres dipping her toes at the WWII monument fountain

and the rest of the gang

awesome structure-closed for earthquake repairs

each star=1,000 lost American lives.

what else can be said-except "thank you!"

Lincoln Memorial


Washington Monument and Capitol Building

White House

Soaked because we got rained on as we headed towards our car.


Back side

hot and bothered on the steps of the Capitol

Navy Memorial-good old MI

Jefferson Monument

Sunset View from Jefferson

me and the offspring

Meres tuckered on the ride home yesterday.

And, I can't wait to go back! What is your favorite part of DC? Is there anything you'd recommend that we didn't take in?