Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Love the Place You Live

It's Wednesday...and today I'm linking up with Design Mom's challenge to love the place you live.

You know, loving Grand Rapids is not hard for me. It's a great city. Not too big to have huge traffic issues. But big enough to have great restaurants and attractions.

Having just been away for almost 3 weeks, I've come to appreciate GR even more. There truly is no place like home.

We travelled to many places that I enjoyed, and I even could picture myself living in the DE/PA area (or anywhere that is hilly like TN), but for now, I am glad to call GR my home.

Here are a few of the reasons why...

Abundance of produce. MI is a great place to pick fresh apples, peaches, pears, raspberries, strawberries, cherries, blueberries, pumpkins, squash, green beans, tomatoes, and.... It is all available here. MI produce in MI grocery stores, or at MI farm that are within short driving distance.

Distinct Seasons. Here is MI we have a definite snowy and cold winter. Spring brings with it the hope and evidence of new life as the world warms up slowly. Summers are hot and humid-great for being outside and swimming. Fall is gorgeous with crisp color changes, as things go dormant once again.

First Class Symphony. I know I have talked up the GR Symphony before. They are talented and I enjoy an evening out listening to whatever they have cooked up. Our season tickets arrived yesterday. We have 4 great concerts on the agenda, and I am sure we will be able to pick up a practice or two.

Godly atmosphere. West MI is unique. It really and truly is. The huge influx of Dutch citizens has made it a fairly religious corner of the world. This is lived out in churches on every corner, Christian schools and home schoolers, blue laws, and virtually smut free bill boards. You don't have to drive far out of MI to see bill boards for gentlemen's clubs, etc. Here in West MI they don't exist.

Closeness to big bodies of water. Here in the mitten we are surrounded by the Great Lakes. Almost anywhere you live, it would take you less than 3 hours (and probably less than 2) to get to one of the Great Lakes. I have to say that when I saw the ocean, I wasn't impressed. It didn't look any different than Lake MI. The lakes are great for swimming and boating. They are clean and cool. And not every state has them. I forget what a blessing our lakes are.

Lake Michigan, less than 40 minutes away

There are lots of blonde hair-blue eyed kids. And tall folk. We are not the exception to the rule here. We fit right in. Though I don't personally have blonde hair.

View from my front door

Trails. There is the White Pine Trail State Park that stretches 90 miles. A whole lot of that is paved. There are many other beautiful and safe trails for walking, running, biking and exploring.

School doesn't start until after Labor Day. It's the law. There are a lot of state laws that I really don't like, but let me tell you, I totally dig this one.

Oh, and we made a great lip dub too.

What do you love most about the area you live in? 

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