Saturday, August 4, 2012

10-4 in Blog Lingo

Last month I had so much fun doing this link up, that I am doing a SATURDAY post, and I am linking up once again with this cutie at Akers of Love. I hope you will enjoy this, and will click on the 'stache and check out some other cool posts.
1. What is your favorite makeup product?
I have a very limited repertoire of make up products. (read-2) I wear Loreal black-brown super volume mascara, and MK chocoholic Liquid Lips. That's it. And they are tied for favorite.

2. What foreign country would you like to travel to?
Italy. I have my four I's, and we are actually going to Indonesia in January. But I really would LOVE to go to Italy. Maybe 15th anniversary? 

3. What is the last package you have received in the mail?
A banner for our back yard Bible club. I styles of the rich and famous and all that.

4. What is your favorite picture from July?
It's me and my kids, making memories. I love it!

5. What is your favorite board game?
Scrabble. Because I win almost as much as I lose. 

6. What is your favorite Bible story?  Why?
Esther. A smart, bold, beautiful woman.

7. What is your favorite non-fast food restaurant? 
Olive Garden. Like I always say, it would be cost effective for the Barefoot Hippies to own OG stock. We eat there way too much.

8. What summer Olympics event do enjoy watching the most?
I am really enjoying the synchronized diving. For the 2 divers to dive as one is amazing.

9. What is your favorite post from July?
Open Hand Policy. It was a soul searching, soul baring, soul cleansing post. Not fun to write, but it was the point God needed to get me to.

10. What famous person would you like to have dinner with? 
Margaret Thatcher. I feel a blog post coming on. She is a woman the feminists hate. But she embodies what they say they believe. She was a strong voice who fought boldly against the slow creep of Communism.
10-4? Copy-copy. Roger that. Over and out.