Monday, July 16, 2012

Thrills on Blueberry Hill?

Wow! It's Monday again, and I am whooped! I think my race tired me out. Or may it's the heat. Or the late nights. Or....
start of my first bucket
We rocked our race! The weather was perfect-70 degrees. It was partly cloudy, and rather humid. But, I am not complaining. The week before it was 84 degrees at the same time. I don't know though. This was the second time we ran this particular race (the 7th time they've had it), but it really seemed like they didn't have their act together. They didn't order anywhere near enough t-shirts. And frankly, I am a bit bummed about that. They were a cool navy blue. And only about 40 people-out of 150-got t-shirts. You weren't guaranteed a t-shirt if you registered after the 27th. I can understand that. But, when I registered on the 30th, there were less than 40 people registered. Normally race organizers order more t-shirts than the number of people registered at a given time. They didn't for this race. Also, they kind of skimped in the timing area, which ended up biting them in the butt. You had to tear off the bottom section of your bib after you crossed the finish. Meanwhile, 2 yahoos were recording the finishers' bib numbers and times as they crossed. Most races these days use computer chips on the bibs or shoes for accuracy. I know my recorded race time was accurate because it agreed with the time on my watch. But, there was some disconnect between the manual recording and the computer input. The timing guys couldn't get the results to print up. And some people were in the wrong categories-which was probably their own fault. You enter your info when you register, which is then linked with your bib number.
Nevertheless, runners really don't like their race times being messed up. They are a bit snobbish that way. Inaccurate times will sink a race, and a timing company. I finished 49 out of 145, second in my category, at 52:22. Overall, it isn't where I like to be percentage-wise (my goal is top 10%, not 30%), but it is the best 10K time I have EVER run! Plus, I placed!!! Which is a runner goal of mine. Second out of 13. (I really didn't figure I'd ever place until I was like 60 or something. When I was my only competition.) And only 16 seconds behind the first place! 16 seconds!!! Should have cranked it a bit sooner. Or talked less. I met a nice girl named Andrea. We kept pacing each other-faster, slower, together. Finally we just ran together for a mile or so, and chatted. The really cool thing was we were in the same category, and she finished 3rd. And we both had a baby last June-Meres on the 20th, and her son on the 30th. Runner moms are awesome! Anyway, Mr. Hippie was 32nd overall, with a time of 47:54. I think that is one of his better times too, though I don't know for sure. He also finished 2nd in his category, out of 6. Enough bragging already.
easy pickings
Produce has been early this year, and that goes for blueberries too. The kids and I went and picked 22# of succulent, sweet, big blueberries this morning. I bribed them with a dollar to whoever filled their bucket first. Freckles won. LC and BMV managed to fill one bucket combined. I filled 2-1/2. I should pay myself the dollar. This is how good the picking was-it took less than 1-1/2 hours to get that 22#. We got out there and got the job done. I like taking my kids blueberry picking. The bushes are just the right height. And I don't have to worry about them smushing fruit, like with strawberries. Blueberries have good memories for me (and they've been proven to increase your memory too). My grandpa loves blueberries. He always had a "one for the bucket-one for me-policy. Today was full sunshine, but in the lower 70s, so bearable. The mercury is creeping up now. But I don't care. I am indoors enjoying the ac. Now I get to eat blueberries until I turn blue, plus make delicious muffins, and jam. And maybe a pie or two.
nothing is more beautiful than God's creation
Who's got a terrific thrift find? I do! I found this sundress for Elsie at our local kid's second hand store. The merchandise tends to be a bit more expensive there, but I still thought $6.50 was money well spent. The polka dots are adorable. And the colors are vibrant. It looks almost brand new. And LC was thrilled! She wore it two and a half days in a row. I think she would have kept wearing it, but I told her that it HAD to get washed.
I love it!
And the second thrift find was actually from my in-laws for Meres-a wooden rocking horse. It is sturdy, and she loves it . Especially when her sibs pull her around by the string.
How about some Monday motivation to start your week off on a great (bare) foot?! 
meres-her second time blueberry picking
I promised a giveaway when I reached 100 followers. Well, we're there. And perfect timing too. I received an order of toe rings in the mail last Friday. There is going to be some pretty cool stuff, so check back Wednesday for the details!
the winner
we weren't going for a fashion statement.
or even brushed hair, for that matter.
embrace the camera

Look at that bucket of berries!

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Blueberries, anyone?

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