Monday, July 2, 2012

Hunger Games, meet John Widdicomb

Another weekend has clipped by, and this year is already half done. (First July post!)
It was a "people" weekend for us Barefoot Hippies. We spent some time with the Hippie in-laws on Friday. On Saturday, we drove to the capitol to see some friends' new house. We had a great afternoon catching up with them. Saturday evening I got to visit with my brother and sil from TX. It is great to see them again. And my kids are loving hanging with their cousin that they don't get to see nearly enough.
all four swinging-before the shirts came off.
 I love it that they each have their swings.
I also started and completed the Hunger Games-all in one day. Hmmm...I just don't know. This is one of those series that has a cult following, but also that some people are violently opposed to. I would have to say that I fall somewhere in the middle.
the boys chillin'. What is it with boys and taking their shirts off?
I thought the book was fairly well written. Suzanne Collins wrote a gripping story. But, I didn't particularly like the story line. Kids killing kids for the amusement of others? I finished the book wondering what the point of the story is. Is the book a subtle commentary on our culture today? (or where we are headed in the future?) Or is it just a story for the fun of a story? The author says her inspiration came from ancient as well as modern sources. The story line has its roots in Greek mythology, and the Roman gladiator games, as well as the result of the author watching television footage from the Iraq war and a reality show competition.
me and my stud-ly husband.=)
I am debating reading the next two books. Katniss and Peeta survived, but it wasn't a happy ending. The story isn't resolved. There is no happy ending or triumph of good over evil. I got the feeling the Katniss got harder through her experience-not better. Peeta loves her, but she thought he was just playing the game. She still doesn't get it. From what I understand, they end up married, but it isn't a "happily ever after." And, I like happy endings. I just do. So, I don't know that I want to read it. But, I also have an impulse to finish what I have started, so I probably will finish the series.

Well, being Monday, it is time to share my thrift haul of the week. This week's treasure is a John Widdicomb chest of drawers.
Isn't it a beaut?
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We were needing another chest of drawers. Mr. Hippie's dresser had been falling apart. It was too small, it was missing a drawers, and it was an eyesore all around. Last Tuesday I decided to take the bull by the horns, and shop around for a new one. It got in Craig's List, and found this at a shop not too far from us. I decided to go check it out. It is in almost perfect condition. John Widdicomb was a GR furniture manufacturer. They made quality pieces. John Widdicomb has a certain nostalgia for me, because my dad used to work there. I remember his route to work coincided with part of our route to school.  This was particularly effective in keeping us out of trouble since we never knew if we would see him walking home on a given day or not.
Anyway, I digress. The drawers are dovetailed, and are made out of real wood. They slide open smoothly. It has a retro look. I think it looks like it was from the 60s or 70s. Very Hippie-ish. There are 5 huge drawers. Mr. Hippie's clothes all fit, with plenty of room. They can stay neat and orderly because now he can get to everything with out digging. It is marvelous.
And it was an investment. I paid $265 with tax. Gulp! But, lasting furniture is expensive. And, my dad told me that it probably sold for thousands brand new. I did negotiate a lower price. The ticket price was $305. I saved close to $60-when you factor in sales tax. That is a 20% reduction. Not bad, I'd say.
I also did a few other bedroom upgrades, and I will share pics in the next few weeks. 
As we were moving the new dresser in and the old out, I asked Mr. Hippie, "don't you get an itch to get rid of the old when you bring in something new?" He told me that he doesn't. I sure do. I almost always try to maintain the balance of "stuff" by throwing away, or passing on something we don't need anymore. Once again its, out with the old-in with the new.
dirty fingers.=)

Any new thrift finds on your end?