Monday, July 30, 2012

A Wall of Pop

Hello, everyone! I am off in Chi-land doing a VBS with Mr. Hippie. I will be dropping in to keep tabs on you, but I also have some great guest posts lined up for your reading pleasure. 

My first guest post is by someone I have known forever. Actually, like his entire life. Nate is my bro, (he used to like to climb into bed with me in the mornings, though he has chosen to forget that), and he is doing an amazing 365 day photography blog. You can check out my favorite photo here. I am very proud of my little brother. I hope you enjoy this glimpse of his work, and take a few minutes to check out his blog.

Without further ado...

There is an old 60's style diner on historic Route 66 in Arcadia Oklahoma, called Pops. It is a very cool little place. They have over 500 different kinds of pop from all over the world. I am using the word pop here interchangeably with Soda or Coke if you are from the south. Interestingly enough though Pop's, which is definitely located in the south, does not call themselves Coke's. So there is a little something for all of you southern people to think about. Also, they do not advertise themselves as having 500 different flavors of coke. So make of that what you will.

When you walk into this dinner the front and the back walls are made entirely of glass. A bit of a gamble in central Oklahoma with all the tornadoes and such, but it seems to work for them. From floor to ceiling in front of the two glass walls are shelves containing glass bottles of pop. This gives some really cool colors inside as the sunlight filters through them. My first thought after thinking how cool it is was to think about the thousands of dollars in product that they have used to line these walls. The bottles are glued to the shelves so they are not going anywhere.
I took this particular shot a couple of weeks ago while we were waiting for our table. The food is adequate, not great but not horrible either. Mostly I think people go for the ambiance. Just in this little section of wall there are over thirty different kinds of pop. It is a flat pricing model. $2.00 per bottle regardless of the type. That makes it easier to mix and match a six pack if you want to.

I took several shots of the outside of Pops as well. You can check them out on my blog at Right now I am doing a 365 photo blog project. I try to find something cool and interesting to photograph everyday and then I post it with a short explanation about the techniques that I used to capture the image. Sometimes I use all natural ambient light, like I did with this one, and sometimes I light with strobes. Sometimes I even mix the two of them together. My blog is a learning tool for myself as well as an opportunity to share some of my work with the outside world. As a result not every image that I post is an award winning image, but almost every one has involved me learning and growing my photography skill set.