Monday, June 18, 2012

First I Look at the Purse

For the record, sleeping on a "camp"mattress again was better than expected. No hurting back or hips. And we actually pushed two beds together, but the mattresses tend to sneak apart, so unless you cram onto one single-sized mattress, you still end up with a gulf the size of the Grand Canyon (at least it seems that way) between you. But, home sweet home...I love my Tempur-pedic mattress. And I slept GOOD last night.
those are some big piles
My Tempur-pedic mattress is the reason I will have to thrift shop the rest of my life. It was an investment, you know? Mr. Hippie had put his back out last spring, and was not sleeping well at all. We decided that since he is in construction, and his back is key to his work, we needed to invest in a good mattress. And we did. Speaking of investments, we actually save up and buy one big thing for our home/life each year. This year our 2012 investment is a trip to Indonesia as a family in early 2013. Next year, I am hoping our investment can be a dining room table and chairs. We'll see.
mountain of laundry folded
My thrift haul that I am show casing this week is a little black purse to go with my collection of little black dresses. What girl doesn't have a little black dress-or four? Is there such a thing as too many? And, good news, my lcd from 2 years ago fits better than it ever did. Running pays off. Anyways...back to the purse. If you know me in person, you know that I don't believe in purses. Anymore. I mean, when you have to carry a diaper bag everywhere, and a baby, who has an arm for a purse too? Not me. So, I have a diaper bag that seems like it carries everything but the kitchen sink. And, whenever possible, I just dash out the door with my wallet, which has my cards, and other necessities.
But, a wallet or a diaper bag doesn't look good for weddings or the symphony or any other dates-for that matter. Recently I was in the local Salvation Army and saw this cute black purse.
It was brand new, still had the tags, and was $4.99. Okay, so maybe that is a bit pricey for a thrift purse, but I thought it was worth it. I feel so sophisticated walking around with this cute purse. It completes the heels, jewelry, lbd look. It is big enough to hold a pen, my cards, lip liner, tickets and kleenex. It came with a mirror.
I think it is fun. And I love it. I am not a girlie-girl. I am not into lots of pink or frills or puffs and ruffles. But, I am swinging more that way again. I think having two girls is rubbing off on me. So, now I am an occasional purse-carrying Barefoot Hippie Girl.

First I look at the Purse-the Contours
I hope Mr. Hippie thinks he did alright, because there was no "purse to look at first."
But, at least I've remedied that now.=)