Friday, May 4, 2012

Who's a Sinner?

She is just so stinkin' cute!
Meres has a new "trick." It's kind of cute, and rather naughty. If she has something she is not supposed to have, or that she just doesn't want to give up, she will hold it as far behind her back as her chubby little arm can reach. Can anyone say, "little sinner."=) I always laugh when people say they don't believe babies are sinners. It takes such a short time for their sin nature to manifest itself. Whether in anger, or disobedience, or selfishness. It is very apparent to me that all my kids are sinners. But, look who they have for their parents. (that is not a pat on the back statement, it is an acknowledgement that we are sinners too=))
I have to say that "sinner" is not the first word I think when I see this face.
School is once again (almost) done for another week. After today we have three weeks worth of work left, that I am going to try to cram into two. I am ready to be done. DONE. D-O-N-E!!!
Blueberry pucker.

Today we studied FDR a bit more. Talk about kids being little sinners-he was a brat! Being an only child, he thought everything should revolve around him. Hmmm. The boys were thrilled to find out that he was "home-birthed" and home schooled-just like them. They are also glad that I didn't have a penchant for arraying them in dresses, with long blonde curls, like FDR's mom did. No wonder he was a brat. I guess I would be too. We also did some digging into Truman. President Truman is considered the 5th best president we have had. He had several tough issues to deal with-like ending WWII with the atomic bomb, the steel worker's strike, the Korean War, and Israel statehood. I am proud of him for standing up for Israel. That will always give him high marks in my book.

We made bird feed things for science. It was a mix of oatmeal, nuts, seeds (I did poppy because I didn't have any other. If you see any "druggie" looking birds-probably from my yard.=)), bread, butter and shortening. Technically it is edible. We'll see if it attracts any birds. After QT we are going to head outside. I am going to blindfold the kids and we are going to listen. I want to see what they hear. And then, they are supposed to locate each other just based on hearing. It will be fun, but it is also supposed to teach that animals have different levels of hearing.
I am moving forward in The Tapestry. It is amazing how being in a book club motivates you to keep on task. I am enjoying their love story. The chapter I just completed was filled with love letters from their pre-marriage days. They were a delight to read. Now we will be getting in to the Shaeffers' early married life.
Butterflies...what is it with them this year? I have about a half dozen flying around our screened porch, and I just swept up about a dozen more. They are beautiful-kind of orange and black. I have no idea what variety. Suffice it to say, they are a wonderful part of God's creation that I am enjoying this spring.
My irises are almost there. The purple has peaked out the top of the blossoms, but they haven't opened. I can't wait. I guess the saying is holding true..."April showers bring May flowers."
I am debating whether I have any get up and go to work in the yard today. I could probably make some progress. But, do I want to? Our neighbors' yards are putting ours to shame. I probably should make a showing.
For funny: in The Tapestry, Edith mentioned how they used to do waistline socials to raise money. What exactly is a waistline social? It is when what you pay for the activity is based on how big your waist is. They used to do pennies. We could do dimes or dollars to allow for inflation.=) That could really be a money maker.=)
Well, to one and all, "May the fourth be with you."=)