Monday, May 28, 2012

Gardening, Grrrrrrrs, and Grand Haven

It is 8:30 here in GR, and it is already sweltering. The temp reads 79 degrees. This is not looking to be a cool day. The good news is that we are heading up to our camper where there is a creek for the kids to play in. So, someone will stay cool.=)
Workin' Hippies
American Gothic
What a weekend! Memories to cherish...
Friday night Mr. Hippie and I went to see The Avengers. If you are at all into this genre, you will like The Avengers. It is clean, no language, and not blood and guts. As a matter of fact, I think it replaced the Iron Man movies as my favorite action hero flick. Best movie line ever...Black widow,"Captain America, you may want to sit this one out. They're gods or something." Captain America, "Ma'am, there is only one God, and I'm pretty sure He doesn't dress like that!"=) Awesome! It was thoroughly enjoyable. All the superheroes were true to character. Black Widow was a newer element, but she wasn't an "Angelina Jolie-manly women". She was an asset, but feminine. I liked her. Definitely put it on your to-do list if you haven't already.
thrift haul
Meres loves the silky feel. Goodwill SCORE!
I love the collar, and it looks great with kaki anything.
My bro from TX is in town for the week, and we have been trying to spend a bit of time with him. Saturday morning we were going to get donuts from our favorite shop, but it was closed for the holiday weekend. My family has gotten donuts from this shop as long as I can remember. They are the best donuts-hands down. Oh well. Instead we tried out a new place. They were pretty good-but not Sandy's.
My Treasures
We mustered up the will power and planted my bush beans Saturday afternoon. It only took about 2 hours to break the sod, pull the weeds, rake it level, mark the rows, plant the seeds, and give them a good watering. "Many hands" and all. We topped off the day with dinner at Olive Garden-everyone's favorite. Even Meres likes the breadsticks and pasta. Everyone got scrubbed down for church in the morning, and then Freckles whomped on all of us as we played Wizard.
Not the best pic ever, but I love my guy=)
Yesterday was Sunday. Grrrr. Church. With kids, sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. This would definitely fall in the "lose some" category.=) Meres was in fine (talking and wiggly) form. I ended up leaving about halfway through the first service. She and I went to get gas. The little booger was so excited when I put her in her carseat. Anyway, Mr Hippie and I spelled each other for the next two meetings. I sat in one with the three oldest, and he sat in the other. We made it through. Sigh.
I got a good nap and some reading in during the afternoon, while Meres napped for 3 hours. That was very relaxing.

 Then we headed out to Lake Michigan to walk the pier with my bro, and "just get our feet wet", and play at the Imagination Station, and watch the Musical Fountain. After all these years you'd think I'd be smart enough to pack extra clothes for all the kids. Because even though the boys are now 8 and 9, they still don't get the concept of just getting their feet wet. Freckles did a nose dive into the water, ending up soaked. LC and BMV pretty much kept the wetness to their shorts. Meres loved the water and sand, getting thoroughly covered with both. I did have an extra outfit for her. She was not at all happy when we took her out of the water and sand. She wanted to stay. I figured her little body couldn't handle any more of her "cup of dirt" this weekend. She was somewhat mollified with her ice-cream. Anyway, we had a great evening. I love the Pier. It is beautiful. I really enjoy walking it slowly, watching the boats, and the people. And it was cooler there than here. The fountain had a rather eclectic blend of music. I am not really sure what they were going for. I think I only had heard one of the songs before-a Paul McCartney. We arrived home after 11, tired and happy.


She doesn't like the flash

Setting sun

Please put me down...

And we slept in this morning. Everyone...until after 8:30.
Now that is the cherry on top.=)