Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Projecting brings Procrastinating

Today I am projecting once again. I am probably 75% done with Meres' Easter dress. Only the zipper and hem to finish. It has been easy and it is turning out gorgeously. I think it is going to be long. Oh well,  I guess that means she will get more wear out of it.
I have found that when I project, I have to put other things on hold. Today that includes running, cooking and cleaning. My goal is to sew until 3:30, then get dinner going. We are having Indian Beef Rogan Josh. It needs to simmer for a while, so I will get it going and then do some vacuuming and dusting. It was storming this morning and I didn't run. I didn't exactly want to get struck by lightning or anything. We are going to go on a run later this evening. Mr. Hippie has a conference call at 10:00, so we will fit it in between dinner with the BFF and that.
And, no heavy blog subjects today.=) Just a reminder that...
Or, at least flowery Easter Dresses
April showers bring May flowers.=)