Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Pocketful of Sunshine

What makes you happy?
I know, I know...Christians are filled with the joy of the Lord. This joy is not dependent on circumstances.
But that isn't what I asked. What brings a grin to your face? What makes you feel like all is right in your world?
For me there are many things that make me happy. These are a few I am thinking of today.
-time to read a good book. And by good, I mean, quality or even just fluff and stuff. I really am happy when I can sit and read a book, from cover to cover. And when it takes days or hours-not months.
-baking and cooking for my family. I aways say that my kids are going to end up on The Biggest Loser (an ambition of theirs-though I think they wanted to be trainers, not contestants=)). They are going to be having a heart to heart with Bob, or Jillian, or whoever the trainers are at that time. And they will blame their weight on me, their mother. "She made me eat, good food, all the time. Cookies, cake, bread, scarpariello...=)"
-listening to Ethan read Junie B. Jones First Grader. Seriously, these have to be about the funniest books out there. The Tooth Fairy one, and the Christmas one, are both hilarious. Ethan usually reads to me while I am cleaning or cooking. It makes my work seem lighter to hear a story.
-drinking coffee with Mr. Hippie. Truly this is the highlight of my day-everyday. I jealously guard this time. I get up early, even on non workout days, just so we have some time to connect.
-family dinners. My favorites are toward the end of the week, or on the weekend. They are slower paced, and generally laughter filled. The boys and Brian tell anecdotes of all kinds. And I look around my table and think, "this is living."
-boogying to tunes. It is great. And, also in this category would be Meres boogying. When I play the piano, she gets up on all fours, and rocks back and forth, and shaking her booty.
-mail. Snail mail. We gets lots of junk-which is better than nothing. And checks in the mail are great too. But, I love getting a paper and envelope letter. And they are so rare these days. Like little treasures, each and every one.
-hanging out with friends. And family-who are friends. It doesn't happen as much as it used to. But it is such an encouragement when it does.
-sitting outside in the sunshine on a warmish day. Soaking up that vitamin D. Zoning out. That is bliss.=)
the infamous burger

-eating a Wealthy Street Station burger outside in the sunshine.
-a good work out. Enough said.
And, to think, all of these are part of my day today.

Pure happiness...