Friday, March 2, 2012

I'm Honored

The other day I made the best Chocolate No Bakes-ever! You can find the recipe here. They tasted like fudge. But with half a pound of butter, 2 cups of sugar and some chocolate chips, you'd have to assume they'd be rich. Also, they are peanut butter free. My normal recipe calls for peanut butter, but I needed a sans peanut butter recipe for Bible club.

Well, earlier this week I threw away our first mold growing experiment. But I missed cultivating mold in jars so much, that I decided to start another batch.=) This time we have 4 jars. Each contains a hunk of bread. The first jar's bread is covered with plain water. The second jar's bread is covered with vinegar. The third jar's bread is covered with salt water. And the fourth piece is left dry. Theoretically, only the dry, and watered bread are supposed to grow mold. The other two jars are supposed to show how they used to preserve food before refrigeration.

I went on a Japanese grocery shopping binge today. We are having our Japanese meal on Sunday. This is the one meal that I am a bit leery of. For starters, I'm not that in to Asian cuisine. And Japanese food seems pretty streamlined. And very different from Chinese. I am making a noodle bowl thing. And salmon. I hope it is edible.=)

I was amazingly blessed by my nieces this week. They had to do a project in which they were supposed to honor someone. And they chose me. (which was definitely an honor=)) They made me cards, with the definition of honor, and the reasons they were honoring me. It was one of the sweetest things someone has ever done for me. Not only did they bring me cards, they made me dinner, with my sil help. They brought a delicious beef stew, rolls with cinnamon butter, and brownies with lots of chocolate frosting. It was all very good. And I was really touched. Thank you, girls, for choosing me. I am honored.

My Love, and my little loves.
 Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!