Monday, March 5, 2012


Monday...Manic Monday. March...March Madness.=) What is up with the craziness? Does this combined equal a Mad-Manic-March-Monday? It will, if you try to say it fast 10 times.=)
Yesterday would have to add up to one of the best Sundays ever. Like I said, I stayed home from church with the kids. I can remember being young, and kidless, and arrogant, and getting all down on moms who missed too much church on Sundays. And, while I still don't plan to make a habit of it, do you know how nice it is to stay HOME on a Sunday? You don't have to try to keep kids behaving and sitting quiet for hours at church. Big stress eliminated. And then, because this time period is normally blocked off for church, there is absolutely nothing to do. And that is just amazing! During the week, if I have a free moment or two, it is hard to shut off my brain, and just let myself relax. When I am missing church because of a sick child, I can hold them, and read, and sleep, and not feel like there is something I should be doing. That is nice. Unbelievably nice. Yesterday afternoon I took a nap, and then we played card games with the kids. Quite often we we watch a movie, or reruns together, but yesterday we played Liar, Apples to Apples, and Uno. It was a lot of fun. Playing games with youngish kids is harder than just plugging in a movie. You have to keep them on track, and interested, and happy. But we all really enjoyed ourselves. We picked these card games because all three of the older kids can play each of them. No one gets left out. To top the day off-the  proverbial cherry on the perfect day-we ordered pizza from Francos. This is a hole in the wall pizza joint about 1/2 mile from our house. The owner is Mario, and he makes a great pizza. Such salty goodness! But, his selling point is the way he says my name in his thick Sicilian accent. "Bernadetta"! Wow! I told Brian if he ever dies, I'll marry Mario.=) Not really, he's too old. But, I do love the way he says my name. He has a faithful customer for as long as he sells pizzas. Anyway, it was a great day.
And then it was Monday. Far too soon. But today has been a good day too. I swam, and ran, and did paper work, and stocked the fridge for a couple weeks, and did laundry. I am going to make my bff's recipe of pork tacos and mango salsa for dinner. You wrap them in lettuce. We are going to have a fruit salad with it. It will be a great meal. I can't wait.
I also figure that if I got paid secretary wages for the time I spend doing paperwork for our business and church (this is not including study time) I could pay for a trip to Mario's home country in a year or two or three.=) Just saying.=)
a march for your March

So glad this week has gotten off on the right foot.