Friday, February 24, 2012

Spontaneity Happened

 Its Friday night, and I haven't blogged since Wednesday morning. Except for weekends, that hasn't happened since the dawn of this new year.
But chalk it up to spontaneity. See, here's the thing. We have been planning a visit the Henry Ford museum. The tentative date was today. Brian's work is still slow, and the visit would tie in nicely with school. We figured that we would just do a day trip. But then we were spontaneous. Which we so rarely are, because spontaneity with 4 kids, one of which is a baby, is just not very smart. You tend to forget very important things. But, all the stars were in alignment, and we took a leap. We had three things planned for last evening that all got postponed. And bad weather was coming in. And we were having visions of being snowed in today, instead of exploring the museum. And disappointment was rampant among the adults. And then we decided to duck out early. We found a cheapish hotel online, threw bathing suits, pajamas, and a change of clothes for all, in the suitcase, and raced the storm to Detroit. (though I am pretty sure Detroit didn't get the snow that came here) And we had a blast.
Meredith likes potatoes, cornbread,
and pea soup.
We pigged out on protein at Famous Dave's. (yes, that was an intended pun=)). We swam last night and this morning. We laughed at Hogan's Heroes, and Tow Mater's Tall Tales. We ate a great breakfast-including design-it-yourself omelets (an Embassy Suites perk). And we explored a very small section of the museum. There is a revamped car exhibit that opened just a month ago. The boys loved it. And we saw trains, including an Allegheny Locomotive that is 72 feet long, and is an absolute beast. We saw the Truman/Eisenhower limousine getting a face lift for a possible trip to England for Queen Elizabeth II 60th anniversary celebration. We looked at old planes, and the kids got to make some neat paper airplanes. It was a great day.
Memories...Meredith kissing the baby in the mirror at floor level. Brian Marcus' belly ache, huge appetite, and swim stroke practice. Ethan loving the planes. He is big into flight. And Elsie thrilled with the locomotive. She kept wanting to go back and climb it again.
We purchased the annual family pass, and we will be making more trips back. There is a progression of "liberty" exhibit from the Declaration of Independence through Rosa Parks. I can't wait to dig into that. And there is the whole Greenfield Village to explore come spring.

 The boys thought (for some unknown reason) that it would be fun to pretend to snort Dr. Pepper up their noses. I hate to say it, but I think they get that weirdness from my side-though not from ME.
Elsie with her pigtails, and coloring sheet.

Me and my Happy Girl

All set to swim

The Duesenberg. 

The Bulgari in the collection. Only $30,000...before WWII.

But for now it's, "Home again, home again, jiggety-jig-jig."