Thursday, February 16, 2012

Getting From Here to There

Again I say with a sigh, "the best laid plans of mice and men..."
Happy camper, despite everything.
On Valentine's Day I decided I would get in the spirit of things, and make sugar cookies. Easy, right? Well, I had nowhere near enough shortening for the cookies, and I always make them with shortening. I decided to substitute butter. It worked. Then I had everything mixing nicely, and was ready to add the baking powder, but alas, I had nowhere near enough baking powder either. I borrowed some from my handy borrowing source down the block. Then I went to get out my red colored sugar. No red. Lots of green. No red. No red food coloring either. I ended up with heart shaped cookies made out of a stretchy (go figure?) dough, frosted with white frosting, and decorated with nonpareils. At least they were homemade.
This morning I went to changed Meredith's diaper, and her tummy is covered with a red-spotty rash. Yes, I am pretty sure it is chicken pox. I have no idea where she, of all my kids, got them. She never goes out amongst others, except for church. We knew someone who had them almost 6 weeks ago now. And I had something that looked a bit shingly, around Christmas. But, that was then. This is now. And I just am puzzled. If it was one of my other kids, I would suspect BSF, church, or Bible club. Not Meredith. Needless to say, I think this week is going to go down in infamy for her. Her first tooth, learning how to crawl, and now the chicken pox. She doesn't get the idea of pacing herself. Spacing out all that excitement. I do have to admit that I am glad that the chicken pox have finally arrived in the Veenstra household. I am one of the few people who think a chicken pox vaccine is overkill. No vaccine, and no chicken pox. The prominence of the vaccine has virtually eliminated outbreaks. But, BMV is 9 now, and I really don't want him to break out much older. This is a blessing. And its making me itch by proxy.=)
So true. Though, its just a far fetched wish...
to sleep all day.
I have chicken curry bubbling in the crock pot. I am really a fan of my crockpot. I think this is at least the second, if not third time, I have used it this week. I love crock pot meals because you can get a nice dinner started when you have time. It cuts down on all the rush right at meal time. That is helpful too, because when you are nursing a baby, they tend to want to eat at the most inopportune times. I also like the fact that you can do a meal in a crock pot, low and slow, for 8-10 hours, or high, for 3-4 hours. Maybe you don't have time to put something together by 9:00 in the morning, but you have a free moment (like me) right after lunch. Very convenient, and flexible.
This is my book.
Probably the best $6 I've ever spent.
I have some more paperwork to do this afternoon. Thankfully, not tax related. Then I am going to snuggle up with a good book. I am still working through Lincoln and Boundaries, but I am also reading a book on Jacquetta, grandmother of Elizabeth, Henry VII's wife. It has been a great read, and a good break from all the heavy stuff. I love history, and really enjoy books on the English monarchs. Their line is such a tangle, it is mind boggling. Brian has suggested that I take up the English monarchs after the American presidents. This is not an apple to apple exchange. Its more like apple to apple orchard. My favorite resource for the monarchy is a booklet we bought at the Tower of London. It is a series of family trees, and lines of succession. Wow. I think the most complicated period would be from Henry II to Henry VII. The whole York-Lancaster thing. John of Gaunt. France. A huge tangled knot. And so very interesting. The funny thing also is, at the Tower of London, there is a gallery of throne-ish chairs carved with each monarch's name, one chair per monarch, arranged all in order. In that room it seems so simple and comprehensible. Ha! Anyway, every time I read one of my monarchy books, I sit with this booklet in hand looking up who is who, and who is related or married to who. Fascinating! Jacquetta was from France, married a Duke (brother to Henry V). This duke died, and she remarried, to her squire. They had over a dozen children. They were connected to the house of Lancaster, and ended up serving Henry VI, and his wife, Queen Margaret. Henry VI is the crazy, pious king. He ended up being murdered by the York bros while he was at prayers, imprisoned in the Tower. This Jacquetta was a fairly important player, but it was through her daughter Elizabeth's marriage to Edward IV, (son of Richard, Duke of York) and her child Elizabeth, that Jacquetta's place in history was solidified. And you have the "red queen" and the "white queen". The female players in a fairly male dominated drama. But without the women, kingly claims would have been tenuous, or nonexistent. Without women, there would be no line. Henry VIII wanted a male heir so that the 100 year's war wouldn't be repeated. And he got one (a whole other story), but he was succeeded by two daughters. And Elizabeth I is still considered one of England's best and most loved monarchs. And for the record, I am really hoping that Elizabeth II beats out Queen Victoria's record length reign. Long live the Queen!=)
So, how did I start with sugar cookies, and end up with Queen Elizabeth. I have no idea. But...
Its all right for you to have a train of thought, as long as you have a terminal.