Monday, February 27, 2012

From Crib Mattresses to Paint Chips

Day of nostalgia...I lowered Meredith's crib mattress.=( My baby is sitting up, and crawling, and holding on to her crib rail, and standing on her feet-booty in the air. Too soon, it will be standing upright. Definitely time to lower the mattress. This equates with packing away a size of outgrown clothes. You are excited for the changes, but also a stage has been passed. I now have four mobile kids. Btw, I love it, that when Meredith is crying, and I say, "come get mama," she crawls right on over.
It's a great day. And I am freezing! I was going to run, but I think I am going to beg off. I have lots of good excuses. It's windy. I swam this morning. My achilles is aching. Really. Instead I am going to make pea soup, and drink tea and read Lincoln. I have got to make some Lincoln progress. I am still stuck in the 300s. Avoidance, you know? The kids are all down for a quiet time. We have had far too few quiet times this school year. It just seems like there is always something to do...running, cleaning, feeding a baby. But today I am making it a priority.
I got a haircut. My do tends to progress to a mullet after about 8 weeks. Now it is trimmed, and will dry and flip efficiently. The boys also need haircuts. I may actually tackle that after quiet time. I don't mind their hair a bit longer, but it tends to look rather shabby around the ears. And I don't know how to clean up the ears without doing everything. So, everything it is.
And we have been going through enormous amounts of bread here in the Hippie household. Enormous is a slight exaggeration, but I have had to make bread twice a week lately. We are doing 3-4 loaves plus rolls, every week. Wow! And no teenagers yet.
We are under a winter storm watch here in Michigan. It is sounding like March will come in like a lion. Here's to hoping it goes out like a lamb.
Last year's matching dresses.
Also notice the wall color.
I want something less yellow, and more sage green.

I picked out my new projecting fodder today. I am going to sew the girls and I matching Easter dresses. The material has huge pink and purple tulips. That sounds hideous, but is actually quite pretty. I will cut them out this week if I have time. I think they will make up my "Lake Geneva" project this year. I was thinking of painting the living room. But I am pretty sure that will take longer than 4 days. There is a lot of wall, and trim, plus the ceiling needs done too. And we have to take the color up through the upstairs hallway. So, it is a big project. And I don't know that I want to tackle it with four kids running around, and no husband. Sewing is the saner option.
The buffet, facelift and all, in need of a new corner to call home.
I also have an itch...the furniture moving itch. Brian rolls his eyes when I get this gleam in my eye. But, I do come by this itch honestly. My dad rearranges their furniture every spring and fall. I have seen their furniture in so many different arrangements. Besides, I haven't changed the furniture in the living room around in a year or two. The big factors are the piano, and the buffet. They are huge. And I have to place them on walls where they don't block heating vents. It leaves rather limited options. But I am stewing. Most of the big baby gear is gone from the living room now, and that leaves more wiggle room. We'll see what I come up with, via paint chips, Pinterest and so on.
While blogging is infinitely more fun than Lincoln, I probably should bite the bullet, and read. Ttfn!