Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Amicable Propensity to Segue into Bloviation

This past weekend we attended Jimmy and Sarah Jane's wedding. It was a very nice affair. We had a great time. It was fun to dress up, and just go the two of us. Brian even hauled out his grey suit. He looked amazing. And I forgot to get a picture of us. Bummer, because I don't know when this will happen again.
After I did the devotional at Sarah's shower, someone suggested that I give her my notes. I decided to make my wedding gift for them based on my Ps. I had an idea. Very vague. I can't say it is exactly what I originally pictured in my head, but I am pretty pleased with the final result. Thanks to my sil, Renee, for the scrapbook paper. (We did a trade-pavlova for paper=)). I first played with different fonts and type sizes to get the lines almost the same width. Then I printed each P on a different paper, and taped those to cardboard. I then matted it with black cardboard. I found a black frame at Hobby Lobby, almost the perfect size. I ended up trimming the black matting to show a nice off white border. It broke up the all black look. Anyway, it was about my first foray into such things. A positive result encourages me to keep trying. And, I guess if they don't like it they can:
#1-donate it to Goodwill.
#2-hang it in an obscure place, like the back corner of a closet.
#3-fill it with their own photos.
A solution for everyone.=)

The ebullient couple
I love big words. I truly do. I don't often use them, because it feels rather conspicuous. And, also, I read phonetically. So, even though I know what a whole lot of big words mean (I always get Reader's Digest's Word Power over 90% correct), I'm never sure if I am pronouncing them right. And that could lead to some very embarrassing moments. Whenever I hear cussing in someone, especially in an older person, it makes me think they have a poor vocabulary. "You haven't learned a better way to express yourself at your age?" (Cussing would fall into my pet peeve category.) I also have a terrible tendency to use words like like, so, and love far too much. But I bet you never noticed that.=) Here are a few of my favorite words, that I like to sprinkle like cayenne (scantily, as opposed to liberally, like salt=)) into my conversations.=)
Bloviate:('blow vee ate)- to speak or write verbosely and windily. Bernadette tends to bloviate in 90% of her blogs.=)
Noisome:('noy sum)-really strong smell, enough to cause vomiting. It would not be kind to say your sister is noisome. 
Propensity:('pro pen sitee)-an inclination or natural tendency to behave in a certain way. Brian Marcus has a propensity to bounce off the walls if he drinks pop. 
Segue: (seg way)- (not seg goo=)) To move smoothly or unhesitatingly from one theme or section to another. The produces section at Meijer segues into the meat department.
Amiable: (ay me a bull)-having or displaying a friendly or pleasant manner. Margaret is one of the most amiable people I know.
Amicable: (ah mic ah bull)- having a spirit of friendliness; without rancor or serious disagreement. We will go to Olive Garden for lunch if everyone is amicable.
note: amicable and amiable are both words. Someone once accused me of making up amicable. The emphasis is slightly different. Amicable carries with it the idea of no disagreement.
Proclivity: (pro cliv it tee)-a tendency to do something regularly. Bernadette has a proclivity towards running on Tuesdays.
Anyway, I have decided that Wordless Wednesdays are not ME. I'm too verbose for that. Instead I am going to do Wednesday's Word of the Week-WWoW. I will try to pick a new to me word, give a pronunciation, and maybe the etymology, followed by a way to use it in your life. I think it will be fun. It will increase our usable vocabulary from 3000 to maybe 3050, and I can teach them to my kids too. It will be short and sweet. Which was the thought behind my Wordless Wednesday attempt. Plus, there are lots of great photography blogs out there, from much more talented photographers. I can't even justly claim the term photographer.
Vocabulary expansion inspiration=)

Here's to expanding our bloviation prowess.