Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Let There Be Light

Wow! It is sure hard coming off break and trying to get back into the groove again. "Freedom!"(hollered loud and proud in a Mel Gibson voice.) to "Scheduled!" (doesn't have quite the same ring, and is rather depressing) In addition to cooking and cleaning, I have my own studying to do, plus schoolwork to correct. Today's agenda includes vacuuming and dusting, a run, making pb pie, and trying a new chicken recipe for dinner. After school and blogging, of course.=)
January...the month of the great thaw, resolutions, and organizing. Here in MI, it is not usually a sunny month. 2012 is starting out magnificently though, with lots of uncommon sunshine. I am very grateful. The average sunshine hours per day here in January tends to be about 3, which means a few days with sunshine, and a lot without. It leads to much seasonal depression. But I have found that shedding some light on the subject is a big help. See, I am in a strait betwixt two-the desire for a low electricity bill and the need for light. I remember having a friend come over in January a few years back. I had the blinds open, but the sun wasn't shining. I still figured that there was enough light coming in, so I didn't have any lights on. This friend came in and turned on all my lights. "Doesn't that make you feel better?" she asked. It sure did. While artificial light isn't as nice as the sunlight, moods are lifted when everything is light. My hippie husband either has no concern for the light bill, or he is just forgetful, but when he is home, most lights in the house are on. It used to make me grimace. Now I realize it makes  everything seems a bit better. I am not into the green thing-at all. I am into not paying more money on bills than necessary.=) I think those commercials about energy pigs are rather far fetched, and have somewhat of a brain washing leaning. It reminds me of these communist states where the children inform on the parents. But I digress. I still go through the house turning off lights after all members of my family. If we aren't in a room, all the lights don't need to be on. But, I am winning the fight against light conservation in the room I am using. I am getting really lax-turn on all the lights! Let them burn!=) It is very encouraging. So, if you are feeling a bit down-join me in turning on your lights.
It is interesting that the third verse in the Bible is, "let there be light, and there was light". (Genesis 1:3) In the last chapter of the Bible we read that there shall be no night there, and they need no candle, or light of the sun, for the Lord God giveth them light. (Revelation 22:5) God is light, and His glory and the Lamb, will light up heaven.

If that thought doesn't brighten your day, then go ahead and turn off your lights.