Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Freckles and Flower Gardens

Meredith has two freckles! That is so cool!=) One is on her heel, and one is on her chubby thigh.=) I have my freckle child, and my two non-freckle children. My freckle child is hoping for a comrade in (freckly) arms. Here's to hoping that Meredith's nose will be sprinkled with freckles from the sunshine of her summers! I love freckles. I grew up with them. I still have them. And it is just a fun thing.
I am a list girl. I actually keep a running list of what I want to blog about eventually. I will take notes, while I'm thinking of something. Some of my blogs go according to plan. Some don't. Like yesterday. That is not where I was picturing that blog to end up. But it was what was on my heart. And you got what you got.=) It is good to be a list person. It is also good to spring out of form occasionally and be spontaneous. I am certainly not the most spontaneous, flexible person I have ever met. But I do try. Every once in a while.=)
A doable option
It is a warm, sunny, January day here in MI. Again. Can you believe it? This winter has to tally up to being one of my favorites. We get a dumping, which then melts in a unseasonal thaw.
This would be amazing, but maybe biting off more
than I can chew.
Brian is building a porch on the front of our house. I am looking for ways to dress it up when it is done. The roof of the porch is pretty high, but the porch itself is only about 6' x 6'. I am thinking of getting another huge stainless tub or two, and filling them with ornamental grasses, or colorful flowers or something else dramatic. I think I am going to make "beautifying" my yard a priority this year. We have all kinds of plants and flowers around from former owners. Some I really like, some I don't. The front garden is a prime example. There is a climbing rose bush, some other bush, and then a ground cover plant, in kind of a raised bed. I don't know what any of it is. And it is unruly. It needs some work. The bricks are knocked down. It looks sloppy. I think I am going to pull it all out, and replant with grass, or wild flowers, or something. I may move the bricks to build up my side garden. I don't know. Maybe I'll start researching garden ideas on Pinterest. I am going to prune the red bud tree as soon as it warms up a bit. There are two big branches that need to go. Once I have them down, I think it will spruce it up a bit too. Yard work is way down there on my list of enjoyable tasks. But I'm thinking 2012 is the year to take that bull by the horn. I want a somewhat nice yard to greet people. Not a yard that screams, "roofer and young family lives here."=) I know that some of that is inevitable. But I also know how much I enjoy running past yards filled with flowers and care. It puts a smile on your face and adds spring to your step.

Been here, seen that. A bit out of my pay scale.

January thaws lead to spring flower dreaming...