Thursday, January 26, 2012

Black Silk

I've taken a page out of my husband's book, and am reading several books simultaneously. I almost never read more than one book at a time. I start it. I finish it. I read another. I am still reading Team of Rivals. Lincoln just got nominated. That is how the book started, and it only took the authoress 260 pages to get back to that point. I am 1/3 of the way through now. That's progress. I also read a Clive Cussler book this past week. Much shorter. It was The Race, his newest Isaac Bell mystery. It is quite the sense of accomplishment to actually finish a book again. I usually read a lot, but my iPod has been distracting me. It is handier than a big book. And an infinite amount of time can be wasted on absolutely nothing profitable. Last night I conscientiously docked it, and read. My book club just started Boundaries. We are reading two chapters a week. I have already found it convicting. There are things I need to change for myself boundary-wise, but there are also changes to be made in how I relate to my kids. I think this might end up on the life-changing list. For fun, I am going to be reading a kids version of the Iliad, and The Odyssey. I have tried, several times, to read the real deal. But I have quite the hard time digesting poetry. I think I will make more progress on these. So, that is my current stack. What's in yours?
Everyone knows the jingle, "the best part of waking up, is Folgers in your cup." I must admit, I'm a Folgers woman. Maxwell House's, "good to the last drop," just isn't. Or how about, "wake up, its 8'o-clock." Not impressed.=) If I am drinking pre-ground coffee, I prefer Folgers. I just do. I've drunk the proverbial kool aid. Grinding our own beans is another matter. We have found that both us Hippies like blends of coffee as opposed to flavors. Columbian, french, breakfast...verses french vanilla, hazelnut, or whatever. My favorite coffee roaster is Herman's Boy, up in Rockford. They roast all their own beans, and have many signature blends. Many of their blends are named after well known places in the GR area. It is very cool. They also have different varieties of beans-Costa Rican, Honduran, Kenyan etc.. It is a great place to visit, if you are ever in the area. I'm thinking I've got to make a trip there now that I've talked about it. They also have great bagels. Just sayin'.=)
But I have totally digressed off the topic of Folgers. Their mega container of classic roast is fairly cheap at Sam's, and that is what we normally drink. But last week I splurged on my absolute favorite blend of their coffee, the Black Silk. Doesn't that even sound amazing? It just rolls off the tongue. Black Silk. It brews an amazingly smooth but bold cup of coffee. It is one of Folgers darker blends. I love it. There is no bitterness. Just a flow of rich goodness. I stumble downstairs to my rocking chair, on my non swimming days, and there waiting for me, is my cup of Black Silk. And it is worth crawling out of my warm bed. Truly "the best part of waking up..."
Or maybe, its waking up to my husband, who almost every day for 10 years, has fixed me my first cup of joe for the day.

Why wouldn't I want to wake up to this hunk?

Starbucks date. Not the best coffee, btw.
coffee on the porch in TN

What are you waking up for?