Friday, December 9, 2011

Rub-a-dub-dub, It's Sugar Scrub

Well, today GR is covered in its first sticking snow of the season. It is beautiful, especially with the sunshine making everything glisten. I didn't go swimming. I put Meredith back in bed about 3:30 this morning and saw the snow. I decided I was NOT brushing off the van. Just not going to happen. But I did wake up Brian at 3:30 so he could see the snow too. I'm sure he appreciated that.=) The kids are thrilled. I will send them out as soon as we finish science and piano.
Today we did an overview of the Civil War, reading from Ethan's battle book. We are doing a timeline of the presidents and have been on Abraham Lincoln for a few weeks. I decided we would do a quick look at the Civil War today. Our timeline is pretty cool. We have the president "vitals" and then what I guess you could call "fun facts". It is not exactly what I envisioned when we started, but when you ask my kids what they know about the presidents, you get stuff like, "oh, he was the first president with a beard." Or, "he had a zoo at the White House." All the stuff the presidents hoped their presidency would NOT be remembered for.=) Each president also has a hand drawn portrait. They each look rather similar-like they were all related or something. Its the hair. Btw, Elsie's favorite presidents are the ones with braids. Go figure.
On the stove, I have 12 cups of water boiling...we are making ginger ale for science. Don't ask me what making ginger ale has to do with science, but its in the science book. I guess its the yeast/sugar/carbonation thing. It will be ready Sunday night if anyone wants to try some.
I got my sugar scrub and oatmeal facial made. But recipes were super easy to mix up. The time accumulated in the packaging. But I think they turned out rather nice. I'm glad. I hate when I have an idea, and then it doesn't quite turn out the way I envisioned.
I am getting into the Christmas spirit. Maybe because there is snow on the ground. Maybe because of all the projecting that is happening, or should be happening. Maybe its because of the Christmas parties and carol sings. Anyway, with only 16 days until Christmas, I guess now is the time.=) I decided on my run the other day that I was going to wish everyone I see a "Merry Christmas". If people can say "Happy Holidays," I am going to boldly proclaim, "Merry Christmas! Christ's birth is the reason we are celebrating. I think Christmas presents a unique opportunity to share the gospel. Yes, we are celebrating Christ's BIRTH. But, if Jesus wasn't born as a baby, as a human, He could not have died on the cross to pay the price for our sins. We just have to continue the Supported by good holiday attitude, and actions. Let others be first in line at the grocery store. Don't be impatient. Don't be rude. Give to the bell ringers. You know what I mean.
My kids are learning poems for our Christmas Program taken from the King's College of Cambridge's Christmas Eve Service. This is Ethan's...


is the truth sent from above,
The truth of God, the God of love; 
Therefore don’t turn me from your door,
But hearken all both rich and poor.

The first thing which I do relate
Is that God did man create; 
The next thing which to you I’ll tell:
Woman was made with man to dwell.

Then after this ’twas God’s own choice 
To place them both in Paradise,
There to remain from evil free,
Except they ate of such a tree.

And they did eat, which was a sin, 
And thus their ruin did begin; 
Ruined themselves, both you and me, 
And all of their posterity.

Thus we were heirs to endless woes, 
Till God the Lord did interpose, 
And so a promise soon did run
That he would redeem us by his Son.

God cannot lie, He keeps His Promises. Christmas was the first step in the fulfillment of the promise of redemption.

sugar scrub!!!

all lined up in a row-16 jars total


fruits of a day's labor

the things we do in the name of beauty...
Like Esther-1 year of beauty treatments.=)

If you are on my list, don't look too close at the labels.=)
Just sayin'!=)

Merry Christmas, Everyone!!!